The Wrath of Hurricane Sandy — A Few Incredible Photographs

No conspiracy here, but just some photos we acquired of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction.  These span several states and really bring the sobering reality of just how terrible this storm has been.  In our politicized age, we tend to not understand the true fury of what these people are going through until we are given a media-hyped reason.  For example, Hurricane Katrina was such a devastating event, but it reached further into the public consciousness when FEMA and President George W. Bush’s reactions were questioned.  By all accounts, FEMA is doing an excellent job with Hurricane Sandy, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.  Keep up the good work, FEMA!  But don’t let the fact that disaster relief is better coordinated take away from just how tragic this is.  The pictures say a lot more than we ever could, so we’ll just let them speak for us from here:

This photo comes from East River, Long Island, NY.
Lynn Beach, Massachusetts
Ocean City, Maryland
Redhook, Brooklyn, New York
Atlantic City, New Jersey


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