Secret Service Officer Passed Out Drunk on the Street — Do They Even Care about Obama?

Okay, it’s funny but it’s not.  The Secret Service is having a bad year all around, but their latest debacle has even more people wondering what the hell is going on at the Secret Service.  You would think after the prostitution incident earlier this year in Colombia that they would be on their best behavior, but apparently not everyone in the President’s security detail has gotten the message.  Now, a Secret Service officer was arrested after he passed out drunk on a street corner in Miami.  Having a little too much fun on the town?  This might not be that big of a deal if it wasn’t for the fact that the arrest occurred only twelve hours after the President had departed.  Apparently, this fellow started drinking immediately after the Prez was safe and sound.  Or before?  I guess that is the reason for concern.

Hey Prez. Pass me the flask, will you?

Aaron Francis Engler was off-duty, thankfully, but he was found on a sidewalk in one of Miami’s vibrant nightlife areas at seven in the morning.  As the story goes, he was unresponsive and passed out presumably from consuming too much alcohol. Police were called and Aaron was arrested for public intoxication.  According to the Secret Service, Engler was not part of the President’s personal security detail, but his presence there obviously had something to do with the campaign stop.

After the incident in Colombia back in April, the Secret Service instituted a new rule that said that officers and agents could not consume alcohol within a window of ten hours before their shift started.  It didn’t say anything about after their shift, so maybe a new rule will be in the books before we know it.  The Secret Service didn’t need another black eye.  Don’t worry though.  The shoddy performance of the elite force is not politically motivated.  It’s equal opportunity screw-ups for Democrats and Republicans.  Back in August, a Secret Service officer left his weapon in a bathroom of Mitt Romney’s campaign plane.  A reporter found the gun.  You would think a highly-trained officer of something like the Secret Service would be a little more protective of his firearm.

So, is the Secret Service feeling like a lot of Americans feel and just not too passionate about defending these two presidential contenders?  Or do they just have a lot of problems with how they hire people?  Everyone knows that the background work done on Secret Service agents is some of the most exhaustive of any branch of law enforcement or government.  And yet, all these incidents occurred in the space of just one year, and an election year at that.  Is our President and his challenger safe?

The jury is out on this one.

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  1. I wouldn’t wish harm on either one, but it wouldn’t be so bad to start over with a couple of new choices now would it?
    Again – no harm intended to Romney or Obama.

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