October Surprise? ABC News Hints at Potential October Event that May Decide Presidential Election

We’ve talked about how presidential elections often come down to current events leading up to the big day.  As we saw with the outbreak of violence in the Muslim world and the murders of Americans in Libya, each day could bring a whole new element to an election that would seem to be winding down issue-wise.  Not often does the media agree with us on something, but ABC News has released a highly controversial report indicating that the election may be in for an “October surprise.”

We don’t beat the drum for the mainstream media because it so often misrepresents facts and tries to bend public opinion one way or another.  But the fact that ABC News would even suggest such a thing is fascinating to us at Common Sense Conspiracy.  After all, we have been talking about this so-called “October surprise” for months.  However, when people think about what could happen that could swing an election in the remaining month until Election Day, are they considering all the possibilities?  Let’s dig a little deeper than the norm and think about some possibilities that might be a little off the beaten path.

Major player? Nah. Ben’s sold out for this year to President Obama.

Most people believe that the most likely thing that could potentially disrupt the political fortunes of the candidates for better or worse is if Israel says enough is enough and attacks Iran’s nuclear program.  Benjamin Netanyahu has been beating that drum for years now, and he beat it some more at the United Nations last week with his clever bomb cartoon diagram.  But even as he tries to bolster support for more action on Iran, it seems that the Obama camp has got what they want on this deal.  Even Netanyahu himself now says that if there is a military strike, it would likely be next summer or later.  We all know that the White House has vigorously encouraged Israel to hold off until after the election at least, and President Obama went as far as to snub the Israeli Prime Minister during his recent visit to the United States.  Honestly, this conspiracy theory is running out of gas.  There will be no attack on Iran by Israel before the election, so put that out of your minds.  It’s not going to happen.  Whatever went on behind the scenes to get Israel to cooperate, the fact is that they are going to hold off until later, no matter how hard their rhetoric might be over the next couple of weeks.  But Israel isn’t the only game in town.

What if Iran took this moment to claim their fifteen minutes of fame in the international limelight, so to speak?  What if Iran attacked American interests home or abroad in the next four weeks?  What would America’s temperament be if the presidential election of 2012 suddenly fell against a backdrop of a whole new war?  Historically, the American people don’t like to change leaders in times of conflict, but there is a huge school of thought that Americans trusted Barack Obama to get us out of Iran and Afghanistan but are wont to trust him to use the military on his own accord.  Others are afraid that Obama is so politically motivated that he might not retaliate simply because he is afraid it will be a bad mark on his record or seen as a breaking of a promise.  Remember, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama works for world peace, not war.  What would it do to his legacy if he suddenly became embroiled in a conflict with Iran?

And he’s Illuminati on top of that. Geez!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is nearing the end of his rope as President of Iran.  Believe it or not, Iran is democratic enough to at least have term limits, and Ahmadinejad is running out of time.  Maybe he never will get to fulfill his dream of wiping Israel off the face of the earth, but could he not cause some major mischief in a small way?  This is a man that wants to leave his mark on the world, and this particular time period leaves him in a powerful position to do something that could have far-reaching effects, and yet have the security blanket of knowing he’s got one foot out the door anyway.  He could always disappear into the shadows if the crowd turns ugly.  See Osama bin Laden for more information.  It could be said that Mahmoud has nothing to lose now, not politically, not personally.

The time is right not just because Ahmadinejad is nearing the end of his term.  It also depends on the American political landscape as well.  Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are in a closer fight than the media’s polls may indicate.  And even by those polls, Obama has a lead, but it is not an insurmountable one.  The closeness of the race is a critical factor for those on the outside wishing to have an influence on how it turns out.  If this was a landslide in Obama’s favor, it would take power away from madmen like Iranian’s prez.  But as fate would have it, the race is close enough that any little thing could throw the train off the tracks.

Could it be time for a false flag?  Are there powers behind the scenes that would like to see how things play out if America finds itself on the brink of a new war, and perhaps the bloodiest one of them all?

Mahmoud? Mitt, here. Can’t you at least bomb a ship or something? Little help. Check’s in the mail.

And (gasp) could a person with Mitt Romney’s sphere of influence and money, of course, be so confident in his chances because he already knows that something is about to happen?

The month of October will be very interesting.  If nothing happens, then consider this article nothing but rampant speculation.  But understand just how fragile things are.  Understand that there is no such thing as a sure thing in this race, or in this world.  Especially with the climate right now in the Middle East.  Somewhere, a powder keg is waiting to explode, and October might be the right time for evil agendas to proceed and succeed.

If not, well, ABC News started it.