Obama 2016: Could Barack Obama Run for President Again?

As election day approaches, the day of reckoning for President Barack Obama’s first term of office is almost upon us.  We will find out if his four-year reelection campaign was enough.  The American people will have spoken.  While Obama still holds a lead in the polls, challenger Mitt Romney has closed the gap considerably in the last couple of weeks.  So, if Romney somehow does succeed in overtaking Obama, does that mean we’ve seen the last of “Yes We Can?”

Legally, not necessarily.  Term limits in the United States dictate that one person can only serve two terms as president.  Usually we think of this continuously.  However, there is no rule that says a president voted out of office after one term can’t get back in the game and try to get his second.  In fact, it happened once before.  Grover Cleveland served a term, was voted out, and then recaptured the White House a second time.  So, there is precedent.  Legally, a defeated Obama could bide his time, hope for a lackluster first term of Romney and rev up for another run at the title.

Can an election loss keep Obama down?

At first glance, it may seem like a ludicrous suggestion.  After all, American politics generally are not very kind to losers of presidential elections.  However, President Obama might have a unique set of circumstances that might make him a prime candidate to repeat this maneuver that has only been completed one time in American history.  Even as a loser, it is quite possible that many people might feel that the election was stolen from him.  If the election were to be really close, and say Obama won the popular vote but lost in the electoral college, the sentiment would only be even more out of control.  Obama in 2016 would still have a lot of excellent qualities.  For starters, he will still have a huge connection to the African American population, immigrants, and homosexuals.  If Romney’s first term didn’t do him any favors, Obama might could run on a platform of “I-told-you-so” and successfully recapture the White House.

It wouldn’t be easy, though, because Obama would not have the luxury of being the sitting President this time.  That would mean some of his old friends, namely Hillary Clinton, could possibly be back in the mix.  So, he would once again find himself in a position of running for the Democratic nomination with heavy competition.  And Hillary would no doubt use his previous election loss as excellent campaign fodder to try to defeat him this time.  Of course, he could fire back that she herself lost to him the first time.  So on and so forth.  In any case, it wouldn’t be as simple as throwing his name in the hat.

Obama has commented on this matter.  Back in July while campaigning, he stated that he never intends to run for political office again, regardless of whether he comes out of 2012 a winner or a loser.  He basically said that after holding the highest office in the land, what could he need or want to run for after that?  It seems a true enough statement.  Money is not a problem.  But the lust to regain his previous power could bring him out of retirement.  What do you think?  Could we see possible history in the making if Obama was to lose and decide to run again?