Neurosurgeon Claims to Have Visited Heaven in Coma

A neurosurgeon named Eben Alexander is making a big splash with his claims that he has visited heaven.  He is a neurosurgeon, someone well-schooled in the halls of science, and though he subscribed to the Christian faith much of his life, he says that until now, he never was sure that there was anything to back the religious beliefs instilled in him from his childhood.  During the fall of 2008, Alexander fell into a coma that was brought on by a case of meningitis.  His neocortex stopped functioning.  The neocortex is involved in pretty much all brain functions that would be a part of Alexander forming any meaningful memories during the coma he experienced.  As a matter of fact, medically, most patients in a coma report no recollection of anything during their time comatose.  It could be said that being in a coma is equivalent to being dead.

Not so for Alexander.  Sheepish at first, he has now come out of his shell and revealed an incredible odyssey he experienced during his coma.  He claims that he visited the very home of God.  He concedes that medically, there is no explanation of how someone could have such recollections, but he still insists that they are there, in his head.

His description of the afterlife is pretty incredible in and of itself.  He says that he was accompanied on his journey by a female that he did not recognize.  Communication was accomplished, but not through language, but some sort of direct mind comprehension, you know, the thing out of science-fiction movies.  Then, he was transported instantly to a void.  In his own words, the void was “completely dark, infinite in size, yet also infinitely comforting.”  Alexander believes that this void is where God resides and that he was given an awesome preview.

What makes this notable from other supposed afterlife experiences is that Alexander is a neurosurgeon and a man that lives and breathes science.  For him, in particular, to relay such an experience is highly unusual.  Most people of science would explain it away somehow, but Alexander seems to be adamant that what he experienced was not only amazing, but very, very real.

What do you think?  Especially our atheist friends?  Is Alexander telling the truth or is he full of it?  Or does he really believe in a fantasy that he had?

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