Man’s Heart Heals Itself After Doctors Give Up Hope — Modern Miracle?

Michael Crowe was a lost cause according to the doctors, but his heart stunned everyone by self-mending.

Meet Michael Crowe.  This 23-year-old young man found himself on the brink of death when his heart muscle became infected with acute myocarditis.  Admitted into a hospital in Nebraska, Michael was told that his heart was only functioning at ten percent of what it should be and other organs in his body were succumbing to the inefficient circulation of blood.  The only answer was an emergency heart transplant.  As Crowe’s family prayed, the doctors scrambled to find a heart that matched Crowe.  It seemed that things were looking up when they found one quickly, but as they were coordinating the operation, it was discovered that Crowe now had blood poisoning.  This made the transplant too difficult and a very unlikely success, so doctors regretfully informed Crowe and his family that the transplant wasn’t the answer after all and there was nothing that could be done.

At such a young age, here was Michael Crowe facing a certain death sentence.  The only thing keeping him alive was a heart-lung machine that stabilized his blood pressure.  Left to his body’s own devices, death would come swiftly.  But just one hour after they broke the news to their patient, one of the doctors noticed that Michael’s blood pressure was going up.  Since he was on the machine, this should have been impossible.  To their utter amazement, it turned out that Michael’s heart had somehow repaired itself and literally come back to life.  After an ultrasound, they could see Michael’s heart was working as it should, albeit with the help of the machine.  There was no permanent damage to the muscle, and in a few days, Michael’s heart started working normally without any aid from machines.  He is now home and getting stronger every day, and as far as doctor’s can tell, his heart is just fine.

The doctors were in agreement that Michael’s case made no medical sense and one even termed it a “miracle.”  Whether you believe in miracles, or just prefer to think that there is still a lot that we don’t know about our own bodies, it is an inspiring story and reminds us all to not give up hope, even in the direst of circumstances.  Witnessed any miracles in your life?  Share you stories here or in the forum.