Donald Trump’s $5 Million Offer to Obama — Who is the Real Loser Here?

Thanks Donald for the laughs.

Donald Trump heralded his big October surprise announcement for days before revealing that he would donate a whopping $5 million to the charity of President Barack Obama’s choice if he would just cough up his college records and passport information.  Well, if you were wondering what Common Sense Conspiracy thinks about this, the answer is simple:  it is silly, stupid, and pathetic.  This is nothing more than a publicity stunt on the part of Donald Trump.  He knows there’s no chance in hell that Obama will cave in to his offer, but he just got much more than $5 million worth of advertising and air time for nothing.  The best deal in marketing and advertising ever.  He is getting Super Bowl commercial-like exposure for nothing except the outside risk that Obama calls his hand and makes him pay out the money.

What’s worse about the whole ploy is that many people see it as him trying to put a nail in the coffin of Obama’s reelection campaign here at this late hour.  Actually, it’s more likely that this over-the-top move will actually hurt Mitt Romney’s chances, as some that may have been swinging his way might be scared off by this latest ridiculous act on “behalf” of the Republican party.  And we’re not the only ones who have had a negative reaction.  Twitter was alight with tons of feedback, almost completely negative.  People made fun of The Donald’s hair and insulted his intelligence, his business dealings (bankruptcy was a common theme), and lambasting this silly attempt to gain publicity.  Celebrities joined in, with people like Barbara Walters saying that Trump was making a fool of himself.  And of course, enterprising conspiracy theorists are even suggesting that Trump is doing this on purpose because he secretly wants Obama to win.

So, it appears that Donald Trump lost big time on this one right?

Or is it President Obama, who doesn’t really want this stuff coming up in a very public way right before the election?

Well, we’re here to tell you who the real losers are.  Actually, we can’t name them because we have no way of knowing who they could or would be.  The losers in this ridiculous political scenario are whatever charity President Barack Obama would choose if he was going to accept Trump’s offer.  Youth in Chicago?  Breast Cancer Awareness?  AIDS?  Homeless people in the streets?  Education?  Someone out there could be receiving $5 million dollars for nothing if only our President could do something so intrusive as reveal his college and passport records.  That’s the easiest five million anyone ever made, and we would all like to think that our President has no reason to hide this information, especially when so much good could be done with that kind of money.  And he even gets to select the charity.

Want a bone, charities in need? Well there’s five million you ain’t getting. Good dog.

So, in recap, is it ridiculous what Trump did?  Yes, and he deserves all of the negativity that has come along with it.  But it’s equally as ridiculous that $5 million won’t be going to charity over something as silly as college records?  Why not show them and end this debacle once and for all?  So, Obama skipped class a time or two.  Does anyone really care about that?  Would you take $5 million out of troubled youth’s hands over your college records?  Of course you wouldn’t, but most of us will never have the opportunity to do something like this.  Obama does have the opportunity.

I am issuing a challenge to everyone involved on behalf of Common Sense Conspiracy.  I think that President Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Mitt Romney should all pledge $5 million to a charity of each of their choices right now.  And even if Obama wants to keep his secrets in the shadows, he shouldn’t deprive charities of money that they desperately need.  He should pay the money out himself to make up for his inability to free up the funds.  So, let’s up the ante and make it $15 million and in the future, remember to not use charitable donations as poker chips in a high-stakes game.

It doesn’t become any of you.