Does President Obama Want to Win the Election? Lackluster Debate Sparks Speculation

Good to see you. Now let’s explain why my bullshit ideas are better than your bullshit ideas.

The first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney was expected to be a hot contest.  It delivered, only most people agreed that it seemed that only one side was bringing the heat.  Obama is of course known as a great debater and inspiring public speaker, but it was Mitt Romney that went on the attack, dominating the debate with a fiery and passionate contesting of Obama’s presentation of his potential policies.  Obama seemed to be out of sorts, lacked passion, and generally didn’t seem like he was very excited to defend himself or his presidency.

Obama’s lackluster opening debate effort is already sparking plenty of chatter in conspiracy circles that perhaps Obama is just going through the motions and doesn’t even want to win the election.  Or, for the even more hardcore conspiracy theorists, perhaps Obama already knows that he is on the outs because of an organization like, I don’t know, maybe Bilderberg has already made their selection.  There was already a fierce rumor going around that Obama was looking to buy a retirement pad in Hawaii to the tune of $35 million in recent weeks.  Whether the rumor is true or not, the concept was that he was making that purchase because he fully expects to be needing somewhere to hang out in a couple of months.  So, what does Common Sense Conspiracy think?

Well, as always, we look at this from a fact-based perspective.  A lot is being made of Romney’s strong showing.  Well, he did shine, and Obama did have a rough night.  Even Democrats and Obama supporters have conceded that Obama didn’t bring his game face.  Of course, former Vice President Al Gore made the absurd suggestion that Obama was not adjusted to Denver’s high altitude because he flew in that night whereas Romney had been there a day or so to get adjusted.  We said absurd because it absolutely is.  Think about it.  Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies would be undefeated at home if this were true in the least.  And playing baseball requires coordination and skill.  How could baseball players fly into Denver and be ready to play a game of skill at a professional level but President Obama is so flustered by the altitude that he couldn’t TALK.  Absolutely ridiculous suggestion by Gore, but that’s beside the point. We could write several articles about the idiotic comments that Al Gore has made over the years, but that is only one part of the issue here.  For some real facts, let’s look at history.  While much is being made of Romney’s performance, the truth is that challengers to the presidency almost always succeed on the opening debate.  The reason has never been nailed down, but many incumbents come off just like President Obama.  It could be for the simple reason that they are concerned with other things and feel a tinge of resentment for having to go through the process and prove themselves all over again.  Obama was debating Romney on his 20th wedding anniversary, so that probably didn’t help his mood about the whole thing.  And Obama had already commented earlier in the week that preparing for the debate was a “drag.”  His heart wasn’t in it, and it showed.  But does it mean that his passion is gone for the whole thing?  Probably not.

Sorry, Al. Professional athletes fly into Denver all the time and perform at a very high level. And they have to do more than talk.

Obama was back on the offensive on the campaign trail, attacking Romney on several issues that he didn’t seem to be able to verbalize the night before.  It was almost like he just couldn’t think of what to say on the spot, but after a night’s sleep, he had plenty of zingers to throw in his opponent’s direction.  His re-energized assault certainly seems to play down the conspiracy theory.  If he was truly burnt out, then he would have still been burnt out the next morning, one would think.  Most likely, an arrogant Obama thought he had it in the bag and could win the debate just by showing up.  Now, he’s had a wake-up call.  Expect him to be a lot stronger in the remaining two debates.

So, conspiracy theory or not?  Well, as usual, no one of us mere mortals will be able to say for sure one way or another, but which way you lean probably depends on what you believe.  If you subscribe to the Bilderberg theory, or another organization similar to it, then you believe that somehow, someway Romney is going to take the election.  This is because he was in attendance at the Bilderberg meeting this year, and future presidents, including Barack Obama, often appear there just before being elected into office.  If Romney prevails, it will be a tremendous piece of evidence for this long-standing conspiracy theory.  And it would indicate that Obama would have to know now that he’s on the way out, no matter what polls say.  In that case, it might be hard for him to deliver his best performance.  He might even think it in his best interest not to do so.  But this is one of those conspiracies that will be resolved soon enough?  If Obama comes out firing on all cylinders in the second debate, then you can rest assured that this was just a hiccup on his cakewalk to another four years.  If his performances continue to be lackadaisical, especially with his fine track record in debates and speaking, then expect more and more in conspiracy circles to start to wonder if we are witnessing the biggest “thrown game” of all time.

2 thoughts on “Does President Obama Want to Win the Election? Lackluster Debate Sparks Speculation”

  1. If Obama’s heart is not into it (he looks like he’s aged at least 10 years in the last 4 years) and he wants to spend time with his family, I don’t blame him at all. I’ve never been able to see why anyone would want the position to begin with myself.

    But he does owe it to the American voters to come clean and present us with a viable candidate to vote for other than leaving us with silver spoon up his ***, living off interest and not paying taxes Romney.

  2. Well he will have to keep it up to out perform McCain’s halfhearted showing running up to the last election. They’re all team players, but they never really seem to be playing for the home team.

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