Does Bain Capital Own Voting Machine Technology in Ohio? Conspiracy for Romney?

It’s an interesting story for sure.  The only problem is that this falls under that category of things that no average member of society can entirely prove or disprove.  Common Sense Conspiracy thinks this is worth sharing so you can make up your own mind, but we emphasize that it is impossible to verify any of this information as fact or fiction.  I mean, we could call ’em up and ask ’em but I don’t think that would clear things up much.  Do you?

One thought on “Does Bain Capital Own Voting Machine Technology in Ohio? Conspiracy for Romney?”

  1. onFrankly, it would surprise me more if they did NOT supply the pre-set machines. We’re dealing with Geo. W. Bush 2.0 here. I can’t believe this country is so used to instant gratification that we’re willing to jump back into the Republican fire so soon. Do we have such short an attention span? Can you remember how badly we wanted a Democrat in office and Bush OUT? Not even 4 years have been allowed for President Obama to clean up the mess and turn things around. When Bush entered the WH, Clinton handed him a wallet and a savings book filled to the brim. When Obama entered that same job 8 years later, Bush handed him a handful of maxed out credit cards leaving him no where to go but down. Here’s a hint Bush: You don’t start wars AND lower taxes. It doesn’t work.

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