Did Tim Tebow Get a Patent on Praying?

Tim Tebow was not the first to “Tebow?” But apparently he might like to be the last.

It’s historic.  A first.  Tim Tebow has actually applied for an received a patent for “Tebowing,” his well-known act of kneeling down for a quick moment of reflection and prayer after something good (or bad) happens in a football game.  No player has ever sought to copyright their on-field celebration before.  But it is more sensational than just being a first.  It brings up some interesting questions.

The Tebow patent is probably more to stop companies from making T-shirts like this one without being officially licensed or seeking his approval.

Some people are saying that Tebow actually is trying to trademark praying.  Or at least praying in his particular style.  Well, in that regard, they may be right in a sense.  Tebow has no right to try to get a patent on kneeling down, be it a religious or secular action.  While it seems a little unorthodox to go this far, Tebow is not really attacking anyone that decides to “Tebow” in public.  It is doubtful that he has a problem with other football players doing it, even in jest.  It’s doubtful that he cares about his fans who have turned Tebowing into an Internet meme, with people uploading photos to social media and websites of them “Tebowing” in spectacular locations and situations.  Some of this may bother him, and some of it may amuse him or make him feel proud if people are inspired by him to spend a little time with their religious beliefs.  What Tim Tebow is really after is good, old-fashioned capitalism?

Since the concept of “Tebowing” went mainstream, plenty of companies and people have tried to capitalize on it by releasing products related to it.  Yes, there are even websites named after it.  We won’t list them here because we are not trying to further publicize them, but you can find them easily enough with a simple Google search.  Some of these websites and companies have even tried to patent their own products even though they use the terminology of “Tebowing” on them.  Tebow isn’t trying to get a patent on praying, but rather to stop other people from making money off of his showing of reverence, at least those that do it without his approval.  The man himself even said that he just wanted to stop those that were using the concept “in the wrong way.”

However you feel about this matter, Tebow is always a conversation lightning rod, and some of his devout fans (I know, interesting choice of words) may think this is going too far.  He has already taken some slack earlier in the year for his “Jesus-like” pose in GQ magazine.  We analyzed that situation here at Common Sense Conspiracy and found it mostly to be sensationalized.  In any case, what do you think?  Does Tebow have a right to hold the rights to “Tebowing?”

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  1. This is Tim Tebow way of giving thanks and glory to his maker, the God of all the heavens and the earth. More power to you Tim Tebow.

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