Attention Democrats and Republicans Alike — A Lesson on Compromise

You may think from the title of this article that we are going to pitch some kind of elaborate plan for how Republicans and Democrats in America could work together to achieve goals for the common good.  After all, that is what they are supposed to do, right?  But we actually want to take a moment to address something that is constantly present on every politically-themed article’s comments or message boards on the internet these days.  You see it day in and day out, but have you ever really thought about the hypocrisy of it?  We’re guessing probably not, and whether you look at things through blue or red-colored glasses, it’s time to take a step back and learn what compromise is.

Whether from politicians or from ordinary people, a common argument is that one party or the other “just won’t compromise.”  The Republicans blame the Democrats for not meeting them in the middle with their plans.  The Democrats blame the Republicans for not cooperating.  The thing about it is they are both right…and consequently, perfectly wrong.  Let’s start by looking at the term itself:

compromise [ˈkɒmprəˌmaɪz]


1. settlement of a dispute by concessions on both or all sides
2. the terms of such a settlement
3. something midway between two or more different things
4. an exposure of one’s good name, reputation, etc., to injury

Hmm…that first one is the biggest one of all.  A settlement of a dispute by concessions on both or all sides.  So, what does that mean and how is it relevant?


If you are complaining that someone else would not compromise, than you are automatically admitting that you would not compromise as well.

That’s right.  That’s the cold hard truth.  If a politician claims they could do all these great things if the other side were just open to compromise, then they are openly, freely admitting that they are not open to compromise themselves.  Compromise is a two-way street, and in a true compromise, there’s no need for finger-pointing because the ultimate “terms of such a settlement” embody the compromise in and of itself.

Now, depending on which of the political parties you hail from, you will cry foul and say that this isn’t so.  Well, you’re wrong.  For example, currently it’s the Republicans being accused of going against the grain.  But if they go out of their way to avoid passing any of the other party’s policies, doesn’t it follow that the other party must have not been willing to make the concessions requested?

For someone to be truly not open to compromise would mean that they won’t even listen to the argument and refuse any participation whatsoever.  If that were true, then why do they spend hours upon hours debating these topics at our Capitol?  Just for show?  Then it looks like we may have uncovered another waste of taxpayer money.  Debating when no one has any intentions of changing anything.

Hmm…sounds like illusion of choice.  A recurring theme here at Common Sense Conspiracy for sure.  Maybe the ones really guilty of not wanting to compromise are the whole American political system itself.  Maybe the Democrats and Republicans are not opposing each other, but instead opposing the American people and the sovereignty and well-being of the nation.

Maybe we are the ones that should stop being open to the “compromises” we face on a daily basis.

2 thoughts on “Attention Democrats and Republicans Alike — A Lesson on Compromise”

  1. Fact: The Republican House has submitted 40 budget proposals to Harry Reids Democrat Senate. Not one of these will Reid even put to the Senate for consideration. For the first two years when Obama had both House and Senate they were too busy behind closed doors crafting the healthcare, (read, secret tax), bill. Too busy to even consider that our economy was headed down the sewer. If we’re going to talk about stale-mates let’s not forget that one of the main points of O’s original campaign was bipartisanship and transparency. Obama’s popularity among independants has waned to the point he needed to bring Clinton to the DNC to speak. He should learn from Clinton’s ability to compromise across the aisle.

  2. What is this Western fetish about compromise? The ONLY reason anyone compromises in politics is because they don’t have the power to ramrod their agenda through. A peace treaty is a compromise that us made only because neither party has the ability to obliterate the other. Japan and Germany surrendered unconditionally. There was no compromise involved at all.

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