UFC Champ Jon Jones Explains Why He Turned Down Chael Sonnen Fight — Then Decides To Start Lying!!!

I feel obligated to comment on the recent interview that UFC champ Jon Jones gave to Ariel Helwani. He decided that he needed to explain why he turned down the Chael Sonnen fight that resulted in the cancellation of UFC 151. First, I would like to commend Jon on asking permission to have his balls back for this interview. Greg Jackson must have saw fit to let Jon hold them for a little while so that he would not forget what they felt like. Now, on to what he said.

“Why would I put a world championship on the line against a very dangerous opponent but one who hasn’t even remotely earned the right to consider himself to be in the position to fight for the world title?” He also would say that he is a “good representative for the UFC” and that ” I do everything they ask me to do”.

Another day, another excuse for Jon Jones.

Oh my, where to begin. I would like to know Jon, what has Vitor Belfort done to deserve a title shot? Vitor is a legend, no doubt, but a title shot at a higher weight class? Chael does have a spotty record and Vitor, I believe, has won three out of his last four fights. He has defeated Anthony Johnson, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Rich Franklin and he suffered a BRUTAL knockout loss to middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva. But, those three wins, while decisive, don’t merit a shot at the light heavyweight champion. So, if Chael hasn’t earned a shot then Vitor hasn’t either.

Jon, you claim you are a “good representative for the UFC”. Are you serious? You really think that? Do you remember that little DUI you had in New York? Way to go champ, you keep setting those examples. You also say that you “do everything they ask you to do”. Again, really? You didn’t fight Chael when they asked you, or did you forget about that too. They asked you to fight him and you said no. So I guess you don’t do everything they ask you to. Maybe you could explain it to me because I guess I just don’t understand. By the way, after you set that example by driving drunk, how did it feel to get your big endorsement deal from Nike? Pretty good, huh?

I have an issue with Jon Jones if you can’t already tell. He says one thing and does something else. I just don’t like the fact that you, Jon, just keep shoveling bullshit. Save your excuses for someone else, ok. The thing is, you are taking the heat for the debacle that is UFC 151. Every problem has a face, and guess what? YOU ARE IT!!!

I think that you are phony. Everytime you open your mouth, you just keep getting more and more phony. That is just my opinion. People don’t like to have bullshit flung their way and that is EXACTLY what you are doing. Now that the interview you gave is over, go and hand Greg Jackson your balls back so he can keep them safe for you. The only solution I see for you is this, after you defeat Vitor, and you will because I don’t think anybody is giving him a snowball’s chance in hell against you, you need to fight Chael Sonnen. You should call him out after the fight and set a date. Then, when you defeat Chael, that might go a long way to restoring your credibility. Because right now, YOU HAVE NONE!

Just remember, lying is not one of your strong points. Leave your balls in Greg’s pocket and let someone else talk for you. Maybe you can take some of that money from your Nike deal and get yourself a good public relations person.

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