U.S. Issued Ultimatum By Pakistan — Criminalize Blasphemy Or Lose Consulate — More Tough Talk From The Hypocrites!!!

Pakistan has issued an ultimatum to the United States: criminalize blasphemy or lose your consulate. Well, that is some more tough talk from the hypocrites. All of this is stemming from the release of an American-made anti-Islamic film. Pakistan has decided to join the hypocrites in calling for laws for insulting Islam. Are you kidding me?

Pakistan wants us to kick it Islam-style.

Pakistan is calling for the director, producer, and all those involved in the production and release of the movie to be hanged publicly. They say since the United States claims to be a civilized nation, why do we stoop to insult other religions and civilizations? I want to know something, why do you insult other religions and civilizations?

The Muslims act like they are the holiest bunch of people around. They can do NO WRONG. Everything revolves around them. They insult Jews and Christians, but that is okay. But, nobody better say anything about Islam. You want the people responsible brought to justice, well, we want the people responsible for killing and sodomizing our ambassador brought to justice. What about that? Oh, you must have forgotten. It is not okay to insult Islam but it is okay to sodomize and kill a U.S. ambassador. What is wrong with you people? Maybe if you respected other cultures and people, they would in return respect you.

This is starting to become a sad story. Islam, you can’t always be the victim. Because you think that you are always the victim, that does not justify your actions or responses. Why do you think that you are always justified in everything that you do? We will agree with you on one thing. It was wrong for the film to be made and distributed. BUT, that does not justify your response. Your response just goes to make my case for me that you are a bunch of hypocrites. I’m sorry, but it is true.

Ultimatums put to the side, you want to make all of these demands. Well, how about you stop taking all of our aid?  Maybe if you have to fend for yourselves for once, your tune will change. We want our ambassador’s killers brought to justice. You need to work on that.

We are not going to hang anybody. If anybody is going to be hung, how about those people who killed Chris Stevens? The people responsible for the movie are not going to be hanged. It is a movie, for crying out loud. Does everything offend you?

What you need to do is stop being a bunch of hypocrites. Start treating others with respect. Stop making insulting remarks about Jews and Christians. Bring the killers of our ambassador to justice. And maybe we can talk about that little film that has your hypocritical panties in a wad.

One thought on “U.S. Issued Ultimatum By Pakistan — Criminalize Blasphemy Or Lose Consulate — More Tough Talk From The Hypocrites!!!”

  1. I think, This article is a real demonstration of force and proof of poor knowledge of others.
    It’s a very baseless article. Have in mind that, the way you think is not the way other may think. You use all the time your logic in viewing the reality, but the reality is from other point of view is completely different.
    As an example, take your car and go drive in UK, if you keep driving on the right you will definitely do an accident and you may die or kill others. Now, which logic is the correct one ?driving on left or on right? You tell me?
    You may use your logic home in USA, but not in other places unless by force. And your aids in reality is part of this poor people’s money. By the way you make them poor. Stop taking others fortune and let people leave in Peace. You just need to dig in your history. You build your civilization on the Apache and Navaho bodies and you are doing the same today (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Vietnam before that).
    In the old history and the recent one did ever hear about Muslim invading others? but at the same time did ever hear that Muslim will accept and do not combated any sort of invasion.
    If you do not like the way Muslim react, so do not act.

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