U.S. Debt Hits $16 Trillion — Did Anyone Notice?

The United States has hit a milestone. Our national debt has hit the staggering number of $16 trillion. Way back in 2008, the debt was just short of $10 trillion. I would like to thank Obama for NOT changing a thing. He just keeps on building the debt and we just keep on taking it. When will Congress get involved? Somebody has to do something. Maybe someone can teach our president that debt is a bad thing. There is also another problem. When the debt hits $16.394 trillion, we will have ONCE AGAIN hit the statutory debt limit. Remember the whole debt ceiling that we heard about? It is about to make a return.  Notice how no one is saying anything about it…too busy slinging mud and trying to win reelection to address one of the nation’s biggest and most critical issues.

The national debt is like golf, not basketball. The lower score wins, Big Government.

The debt is so high that now every American’s stake is $37,437. That is mind blowing. Some people don’t even make that much in a year. In about 20 years, or so, we see our stake in the debt rise to the absolutely ridiculous number of $100,000. That’s right, you could live to see the day when your stake in the debt is $100,000. Now, I know alot of people that don’t  make that much money. This problem is out of control. What does our president do? What he always does, NOTHING.

Wait a minute, I’m wrong about that. He IS doing something. HE KEEPS ADDING TO THE DEBT!!! Everytime you turn around, the countries spending has surpassed $1 trillion. Do we really think that we can spend our way out of everything?

Why are the Democrats so hell bent on NOT producing a budget plan? They are supposed to do this every year. Why are they not doing their job?  And the excuse is always that the Republicans won’t work with them.  Well, it’s time to get Congress together for a good come-to-Jesus meeting and demand that they start doing their jobs.

How much longer will we continue down this path before we default like the European countries? You don’t really think that any other country is going to come to our aid? This may be a problem that we somehow have to fix ourselves. How to start fixing this problem? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe we vote for Romney? No, that won’t work either. Mitt would probably just plunge us even further into debt. So, voting for someone else is not the answer. We are reaching desperation mode.

Can someone please help us? Anybody?