U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens Was Sodomized According To Lebanese Media

A Lebanese report has come out stating that U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was sodomized before he was killed. The tragic death of our ambassador was only worsened by this report. Apparently, it is okay to sodomize someone in Islam as long as it is for jihad. That is completely absurd! What did this man do that was so bad that it warranted him being sodomized?

This image really shows how the opinion of America in Libya. And probably elsewhere in the Middle East.

Our President needs to wake up. What more has to happen before Obama realizes that the Muslims do not want us over there? Islam does not want our presence in the Middle East. If they don’t want us there, then why don’t we leave? This entire ordeal was shoveled down our throat by President Bush. He told us that Muslims wanted us there and that they wanted democracy. THEY OBVIOUSLY WANT NEITHER OF THOSE THINGS!!! If they wanted those things, they would not be killing us EVERY CHANCE THEY GET. They are taught from a young age that the Western world is evil. They are told to kill us in the name of religious fervor. And now on top of all of that, they say it is okay to sodomize anyone as long as it is in the name of jihad. They don’t want the same things as us and they obviously have different views of what is right and wrong.

This goes out to any and all future presidents:  LEAVE THE MUSLIMS ALONE! Stop trying to bullshit us and them by telling us that they want our help. That is clearly not true. Stop telling us that they want democracy because they don’t. Let them live however they want. If they wanted us to help, they would ask us. They see us as the enemy. Why?

We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. We have military bases in Saudi Arabia, which by the way, the Saudis let us have those bases there. The Muslims should not be mad at us for that. They should be mad at Saudi Arabia. If Saudi Arabia is so holy to Islam, then why did the Saudis allow the U.S. to put military bases there? Sounds like Islam needs to place their anger in the right places. Are you really mad at the U.S.  or are you mad at yourselves?

The Muslims have been telling us to leave them alone but we are not listening. Why? Oil, strategic military bases, pride, what is it? Our government owes us an explanation.

These people want to be left alone. They get mad about cartoons about their Prophet. They get mad about movies made about their religion. They seem to deem everything to be offensive to Islam. Is there anything that you don’t deem offensive? The Muslims are ready to go to war over anything.

Our advice to Obama, LEAVE THE MUSLIMS ALONE. Just leave them alone, for our sake. For once, listen to your citizens. I guess you will continue to not give a s**t about what your citizens have to say. If you do lose the election, don’t ask why. TAKE A NICE LONG LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!  Foreign policy is always a major issue in presidential campaigns, but you see from the current administration and the previous one that nothing has changed.  That’s right.  Republicans.  Democrats.  Nothing changed.  The so-called Arab Spring is quickly degenerating into an Arab Winter.

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  1. If Ambassador Stevens was murdered by Ghaddafy sodomites under the cover of the crook movie, then it is reasonable to assume that someone can co-ordinate right wing crazy Christians in California with right wing militia in Libya.

    The only person that we know of with friends in both camps is Dick Cheney.

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