The Student Loan Situation in America Examined — Graduated and Living with Mom and Dad?

It’s amazing how in this election year, some of the most critical issues facing our country seem to go by the wayside.  The student loan crisis in America is one of those.  No one says much about it on either side, but it is affecting millions of Americans who invested in a college education and have found themselves only rewarded with debt, unemployment, and wondering if they will ever be able to get out on their own.  Many financial analysts believe student loans will be the next big financial bubble to burst in the United States, sending the somewhat recovered economy to even lower depths.  It could happen next year, and yet you won’t hear either candidate talking about it in earnest.

Common Sense Conspiracy has touched on student loan issues in the past.  Just recently, Ms. Hannah Peters contacted us to show us this wonderful infographic that demonstrates some grim statistics about this issue that too many Americans don’t even know about, but it could be all that anyone is talking about when the bubble bursts.  A special thanks to Hannah and company for creating this great and informative image to help spread the word about what college graduates in this country are facing when they head out into the big bad real world.

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