The Power of the Internet — Can Muslims Create Propaganda and Blame It on the West?

The Internet is a very powerful entity on the international scene.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy have often addressed our theory that the Internet is the final frontier for the government.  It grew at a pace they did not expect, and now they missed the boat on regulating it outright from the start.  It’s always easier for the government to regulate something from the beginning.  With freedom on the order of the Internet in the way of expression, now it is going to be all that more difficult for the government to take control without looking as if it is opposing and crushing freedom.

The Internet is worldwide and that means that anyone out there can use it for whatever they wish.

However, we often look at the Internet as an American entity.  It is not.  The Internet is international and while there are plenty of nations that restrict it, if someone can get access to it in a true pipeline, they enjoy all the freedoms that we do.  Meaning even in a dictatorship regime, anyone can do as they wish if they have access to get the word out on the pipeline of information like the world has never seen.  Do you know how easy it would be to create a video demeaning the Prophet Muhammed and making it LOOK as if it came from America somewhere?  It’s not that hard at all.  Nor would it be difficult to do it in the opposite direction?

It’s frightening to see how much tragedy a simple, amateur video could create with the right motivation?  Could this be bent against us in the future?  Or has it already been?  It’s a worthwhile question.  Remember the Tom Clancy novel that eventually became a movie.  The Sum of All Fears chronicled how a terrorist group executed an attack and managed to engineer it being blamed on a rival nation.  This set off an imminent nuclear war.

The next real world conflict might result from disinformation and clever placement of propaganda.  That is the world we live in now.  Little people can make a difference, for better or for worse, good or evil.

So why don’t more of us bend it to our wills and push forward a positive agenda instead of a negative one?  When will the amateur video rise to the surface that makes a difference in a good way, whatever definition that might be to you?

And just how much distress could a well-placed well-timed amateur video cast onto a world that is already on fire?

No matter who is pulling the strings, the real question is how far and when?


5 thoughts on “The Power of the Internet — Can Muslims Create Propaganda and Blame It on the West?”

  1. I’ve believed for quite a while now that corporations hire people to go on retail sites and leave glowing reviews for their products. I hadn’t considered this (article) – yet. If I had to bet on it, I’d say you’re right on the mark.

  2. I agree 100%. The internet has connected this world so much it can be used just as well for good or evil purposes. Honestly, I kind of wished I was born a long time ago, then again I am who I am today because of everything I have been through. Getting back to the topic, Don’t you think it is ridiculous how these Muslims have cried and whined so much about this anti-Islam movie, but yet on the other side these Jews have endured hate and violence for years. For example, not too long ago, Joseph’s Tomb and burial site was destroyed by Muslims but yet, the Jews didn’t act in violence or hate toward the Muslims although the Muslims went on a rampage raping and killing people. How holy is that?

    1. Ruthlesstruth: More blood has been shed in the name of religion than anything else since the beginning of history.

      1. Yes, this is true to an extent but I must respectfully disagree with what you said to a certain point. Yes, there has been MANY people within religions who have started wars and
        massacred many. Though if you look at history you will see theses religions which do these things amount up to only a hand full. Some examples would be: Zionist and Orthodox Jews,
        Islam, Catholic church, Wicca, Kingdom of the Occult (many people believe in this), Ancient Greek “Mythology” believers, and a couple others. This being said there are still many other religions which aren’t violent. I also would like to say there has been just as many if not more wars started over territory and money. Some examples of this is: Adolf Hitler, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Octavius Caesar and the rest of the Caesars, and many other European leaders, Presidents during the Vietnam War, Pilgrims, African dictators from before and now including Kony, and many others. Furthermore, those who do spread hate and violence through Christianity (ancient), Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and any other religions which are GOOD are those who are ignorant to their OWN religion.

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