The Pope Says Muslims and Christians Should Come Together — Say What?

There will be peace in the whole world if we all just start working together! That’s it.

Even as Muslims across the world violently protest an amateur video by attacking American embassies, Pope Benedict XVI is busy telling Syrians how he admires their courage and thinks that it is time for Muslims and Christians to work together to stop violence and war.  Well, there’s a first.  Working together has never been the Muslim and Christian religion’s strong points, and the head of the Catholic Church is an unlikely person at best to be calling for the two religions to reside peacefully among each other.  The timing is interesting in the world scene.

Think about it.  As so many fear that we are being pushed toward a New World Order where one government rises above all, doesn’t it make perfect sense that this will have to apply to religion as well?  It sounds like the Pope is trying to bring about peace between the religions, but he knows exactly what he is doing.  In the heat of the violent protests going on already, the Pope, already viewed by many in a less-than-stellar light for some of the many scandals within the Catholic Church of late, knows that calling for Muslims and Christians to come together is about as good as His Royal Majesty going out in the streets and throwing a Molotov cocktail himself.  The very prospect of what he is saying will only escalate the violence, escalate the hatred, and escalate the intolerance.

Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, or neither, the Pope of all people calling for a coalition between these two groups is utterly ridiculous?  But the timing is as suspect as anything.  The Pope goes on record calling for this at the time when it will be most inflammatory under the guise of “peace.”

One more small step for the New World Order.