Tennessee Says Prayer at Football Games Not Unconstitutional — Second-Hand Praying Deadly?

This is so offensive it hurts me just to talk about it.

The University of Tennessee recently received a letter from an organization called the Freedom from Religion Foundation.  The letter was asking the university to discontinue a long-standing tradition of holding a pre-game prayer at Neyland stadium before football games.  The foundation claims that the prayer goes against the Constitution and falls under the concept of separation of state and church.  The idea there is that because the University of Tennessee is a public university that uses money from the federal government, it has an obligation to not hold such religious rituals.

Separation of church and state is not a terrible concept at all.  As a matter of fact, they should be separated and for the most part are.  But there is also a right to practice whatever religion you wish in this country, and this so-called Freedom from Religion Foundation needs to understand that they are not being discriminated against because someone decides to say a prayer in their presence.  It’s not like it harms them or threatens them in any way.  It’s almost like this foundation is implying that people praying around them is like second-hand smoke.  Like they are going to have ill effects because of the other person doing what they are doing.

As we have talked about many times before, if you have no religious affiliation, that’s fine.  Nothing wrong with it.  No one’s mad at you.  But why if you have no such affiliation would you be so upset because someone else does?  Why does it bother you so bad?  Why would you be worried about it enough to join a foundation against it and issue silly letters asking for others to stop doing something that has no effect on you whatsoever.

Personally, I would like to have freedom from politics.  I’m not going to start a foundation about it nor will I tell others they should abstain from talking about it around me.

If you are so obsessed with freedom from religion like the people in this foundation are, there is an easy solution.  Suicide.  There will be no more worries about religion whatsoever.

Remember, you always have the power to win this fight at any time.  So what are you waiting for?

A better solution is to believe what you believe (or don’t believe), and allow others to do so in the manner they see fit.

It’s called freedom.

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