Sulfur Smells In Southern California — Precursor To The Big One??

A horrible sulfur smell has been reported in Southern California. The reason being given is that there is a fish kill in the Salton Sea. It is believed that the winds carried the smell up into the area. But, there are some that believe that the sulfur smell is connected to something much bigger. Many are of the belief that this is the precursor to a massive earthquake. There are reports of people having dreams about the “big one” and in their dreams they spoke of a sulfur smell just before the quake. Could the smell really just be the fish kill? Or, is the “big one” on the horizon for the residents of California? Only time will tell.

One thought on “Sulfur Smells In Southern California — Precursor To The Big One??”

  1. I smell a strong sulpheric odor in early hours of the morning. I live between Phx and Tucson az. I don’t buy the salton sea response. It is something else.

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