Students in the United States Can’t Communicate Well With Writing

It’s just a silly test, right? But the implications of this one could be bigger than you think.

A computerized examination given on the national level found nearly 75% of students taking it did not communicate effectively.  That may not seem that hard to believe for those of you that see the wrecking of the English language on the Internet daily on social media.  Even in an academic setting and provided with plenty of grammatical tools at their disposal, students have a hard time getting themselves across clearly on paper.

The students were allowed to use spell checking programs, a thesaurus, and other common tools in document creating programs on computers.  The results show that few students in America can really write effectively.  This is not about essays, people.  Or book reports.  The exam was specifically designed to not just test the students academically, but also in social, work, and artistic settings.  American’s students failed on all fronts.

This particular topic is especially troubling to us here at Common Sense Conspiracy.  We believe that students are not able to communicate effectively because of the “dumbing down” of society, not because they don’t possess the mental faculties to do so.  Video games, social media, and text messaging on cell phones has changed the game for America’s youth.  There is now more of a premium in how short you can get your message across instead of how effectively.  The problem is that in the future, who will be able to write articles like we write here?  Our articles are designed to cohesively express a point of view that we have come up with on examination of the facts and thinking things through for ourselves.  Of course, the future of our country is not meant to have such “self-thinking” properties.  In fact, this is one of the many things that must be eliminated for the New World Order to flourish.

The major news media is slanted.  It also is meant by the government and the powers-that-be to be the ONLY source of information.  Information is power, and once the information is controlled completely, it will allow for easier manipulation of the general public.  You can see examples of this in the past.  In the World War II-era, people got there information from word-of-mouth or newspapers.  This made it much, much easier for the government to control the flow of information to the public then today.  The Internet was truly an example of the government dropping the ball.  They underestimated the new medium and how it would explode and were therefore unable to regulate it before anyone would notice.  You could say that the government got caught with its pants down on this one.  They are working hard to get the Internet under their thumb, and this misstep on their part has probably delayed their plans by decades.  This is good and a strike for us.  But as the noose closes around the last truly free public speaking forum, if we cannot communicate effectively, the life of free information will be choked out all that much faster.  Dumbing us down is a means of accomplishing these goals quicker and forcing us to rely on the government for every last drop of information instead of thinking for ourselves and forming opinions.

Remember, free opinions are the number one enemy of the New World Order and the oppressive movement that we may see in our lifetime.  Expressing ourselves is the manifestation of that freedom, and if we lose the ability to do it, then we might as well just hand that freedom over willingly and fade into the night.

Written communication is not just something to get you through college or to get a good job.  It is a way to promote freedom of speech and thought by exercising such freedoms.  We must not let our children miss out on this and move us closer to what many of us that have our eyes open want so desperately to prevent.

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