Poor People Should Work Harder Claims World’s Richest Woman Gina Rinehart — You Really Didn’t Build That!

The world’s richest woman, Gina Rinehart, claims that people who are poor, that want to be successful, should stop being jealous of others and just work harder. That is really easy for her to say. She INHERITED her wealth. Let that soak in for a minute….

Remarkably, she still doesn’t seem to have enough cash lying around for plastic surgery. Yes, we said it.

Gina, you inherited your wealth, so it is easy for you to look down from the top of the mountain at all of us and tell us to work harder. Your wealth came from your father. Now, I will admit that your father got into the right business. The coal and iron ore production in Australia has been good business for you and your family. But, just like Obama said, you didn’t build your wealth. I can’t believe I just agreed with Obama. It has been reported that she is on pace to surpass Carlos Slim as the richest person in the world. Rinehart, potentially could be worth $100 billion dollars. She has other investments along with the coal and iron ore business. It’s funny, she says that poor people should work harder. Her buddy, good ole Carlos, believes that people should work into their 70’s. Why do these people all share the same belief?

They are all spoiled little rich kids. They get whatever they want and don’t have to work for it. The viewpoint you have on this issue, Gina, is very skewed. Here’s an idea, why don’t you come down on our end and see what life is like? I bet you won’t do it. You would not know how to make it. What would you do if you could not afford something? Or, what would you do if you woke up one day and daddy’s money was all gone? You are basically saying that we are the problem. But, aren’t you the same one that blamed the government policies of your country for holding the poor back? That logic doesn’t work. We can’t be expected to work harder and then you say that we are being held back.

I have an idea for a new reality show. We should take Gina Rinehart, Carlos Slim, Bill Gates and the world’s richest people and put them in rural America. Give them $400 a week to live on and let’s watch what happens. How long do you think it will take before those people try to eat each other? Not literally eat, just to clarify. We can call it, “Down To Earth”. Would you watch it?

So for all the billionaires out there, I have an old saying for you : Don’t knock it until you try it!!! If you are not poor, then don’t tell us what we need to do. You have no idea what it is like to struggle. Not everyone can be rich. Why do you think that everyone can? The rich people of the world would not last a week trying to live on a set income.

The rich claim that they are doing all these things to help us but they aren’t. The poor people of the world are NOT the problem. The rich, lazy people of the world are the problem. If you people are doing half the things you claim, then why is EVERYTHING STILL THE SAME. Nothing has gotten any better.

That’s on all of you spoiled rich people, not us.
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One thought on “Poor People Should Work Harder Claims World’s Richest Woman Gina Rinehart — You Really Didn’t Build That!”

  1. I would just love to see her actually work a single hour in a `real’ job ie one of those ones she reckons should work harder…

    its interesting that in oz- we are supposedly living in a democracy- ie everyone has an equal voice…

    so how many `trillionaires’ are there- and how many `poor’ people are there- or is gina saying that poor people dont deserve to vote???

    (what gets me is that she gets as much every single second as I do working a 40hr week)

    so am I so fuckin lazy for those 40 hours….- or is she getting waaaay too much every second??????

    me thinks that anyone who can afford to buy my latest car every 4 seconds and has `change’ left over is `possibly’ overestimating their worth to society in general…

    and when they complain that `everyone else’ is the problem…

    well it IS a democracy here in Oz….

    lets vote on it- who thinks that gina is underpaid and under-appreciated….

    Come on- hands up all those that think she is underpaid and deserves more dollars….


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