More Americans Interested in iPhone 5 Announcement Than Truth About Their Country — Shiny Toys Make Happy Girls and Boys

Speculation about the upcoming iPhone 5 has gone crazy, with everything from new screens to technology the world has never seen. Meanwhile, the government continues its same old tricks without incident.

We talk a lot about the brainwashing of Americans to make them “passionate” about things that create an atmosphere of what we here at Common Sense Conspiracy like to call political misdirection.  Remember the Chick-fil-A controversy that brought gay marriage, an issue that was mostly silent in this election to that point, to the forefront.  Be it the Republicans or the Democrats — none of that crap matters.  What they are trying to do is get Americans to rally to a cause behind one party or the other, missing what the other hand is doing while they are focused on the one in front of them.  Gay marriage is a huge example of this political ploy that is so often used; we looked into that issue fully during the height of that controversy in our article A Classic Case of Political Misdirection.  However, Apple’s official announcement that there will be an “event” on September 12 in San Francisco, California is another type of misdirection that the American public suffers from.

The “event” is no doubt the announcement of the details and purchasing information for the long-awaited iPhone 5.  Apple’s line of iPhones have a huge following and often people line up around street corners for the first chance to get their hands on the latest Apple release.  Did you ever stop and think about just how popular things like this are?

In a time when people should be watching their political leaders and seeing the corruption and failures that are our national government, they are more interested in following every whim of Apple as it prepares to release the next shiny toy for them to plunk down hundreds of dollars for, only to watch the next greatest new shiny toy come out next year while the one they have depreciates to a fraction of what they paid for it.  It’s the ultimate brainwashing; not only do people clamor to do it, they are happy about it and thank Apple for it.  They should be educating themselves on the upcoming election, but instead, the media frenzy is about the announcement of a device that will only be marginally better than the smartphones they already have.

Analysts already think that the hype surrounding the iPhone 5, its actual features still as yet unknown, may spur it to sell as many as 10 million units in its opening week, and 28 million in the month of September.  It is safe to say that more iPhone 5’s will be sold eventually than people vote in the presidential election in November.

Now, we are not trying to say that Apple is part of a government conspiracy to put shiny toys in your hands to divert you away from the real issues.  They do it for capitalism, for profit, to advance their domineering business.  That’s why they do it.  But it does serve its purpose well, doesn’t it?  How can you be so down on the American economy if 28 million people can dash out to pay $300+ for the latest, greatest iPhone?  We all hear about how we have just gone through the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.  How many Americans could afford the latest technology during the Great Depression?  Wasn’t the struggle more about buying shoes, clothing, and food?

As our nation spirals into $16 trillion of debt, Americans are more worried about the iPhone 5 than they are what is going on in the place where they live, support their families, and do business.  How many people in line to get the iPhone 5 when it is released are unemployed?  How many will be a couple of months after they get their new shiny toy?

Shiny toys make happy girls and boys, but informed citizens can influence things.  They can change things.  Maybe America needs to focus less on iPhone 5’s and more on getting its government to start working for the people again instead of whatever it is working for and toward now.

Or maybe your next president should be Suri.


2 thoughts on “More Americans Interested in iPhone 5 Announcement Than Truth About Their Country — Shiny Toys Make Happy Girls and Boys”

  1. That’s because buying is something in their control. Look at the choices we are given. No matter who is in office government regulation of our lives at governmental levels becomes more and more intrusive and our freedoms less and less. We have little or no control over government at ANY level. What do you expect?

  2. You Know What You Are So Right!! That’s The Way They Want It!! They Want The People Brainwash!! I Don’t Know Why People Are So Nieve!!

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