Italian Magazine “Chi” Publishes 26 Page Spread Of Topless Kate Middleton

For future reference, maybe it would be a better idea in general to just not take your clothes off unless you are behind closed doors.

The Italian magazine “Chi” has now published a 26 page spread of a topless Kate Middleton. As you recall, a French magazine was the first to publish the now infamous topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. The next publication to publish the photos was from Ireland and now the Italians are in on the act. They are publishing a 26 page spread. The royal couple are now trying their best to get an injunction from a court to stop further publication of the photos. William and Kate had better act fast! Why?

There are reports circulating that as many as 200 photos exist of a topless Kate Middleton. “Chi” magazine has stated that a call from the Queen herself will not stop the photos from being published. The Royal Family are in quite a mess now after the recent fiasco that Prince Harry caused in Las Vegas. The Prince also has some nude photos of himself floating around. If you don’t remember “Chi” magazine, they are famous for one thing.

Unfortunately, that one thing was photos of Princess Diana’s car crash. Those photos of Prince William’s mother caused a huge stir when they were published. So, this particular magazine is no stranger to controversy. We would like to get your take on this. Do you think the photos should or should not be published? Does “Chi” magazine even have a right to publish them? What about the privacy of the royal couple?  And how stupid was it to be running around topless when we all know how relentless the paparazzi is?  I mean, we aren’t saying that it is right what they did, but Kate Middleton has to be aware of just how far these lunatics will go to get a picture of her doing anything at all, much less in the nude.

It seems there are more questions as each day goes by. This entire ordeal is becoming a huge problem for not only the royal couple but also the entire Royal Family. Will the Royal Family weather this storm or will this explode into a huge legal battle?
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