Is Bill Clinton Paving the Way for a Return to the White House? — Romney Weighs In — Constitution Road Block?

In a somewhat unorthodox move, Mitt Romney praised former President Bill Clinton for his delivery of a speech at the Democratic National Convention that many people believe upstaged the President himself.  In an interview with Meet the Press, Romney said that Clinton’s moment in the sun elevated the convention.  He even theorized that Bill Clinton could probably win the White House again if a silly thing like the Constitution weren’t blocking his path.  We say this was unorthodox because Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate, and it is extremely rare to see a Republican presidential candidate showering any praise on Democrats.

Perhaps Romney hopes to capture some swing states by giving the image that he is fond of Bill Clinton.  But even as Romney praised the former president, it brings up an interesting question.  Is Bill Clinton really after the White House for a third term?

Who is advising who?

Now, of course, we all know that the Constitution of the United States only allows any one person to serve as president for two terms of four years.  The Clinton family is in an unusual situation, however.  With Hillary Clinton the current Secretary of State and many Democrats wondering how she would have fared in these four years if she had held off Barack Obama’s advances back in 2008, could it be that Bill is back on the move already stumping for 2016?

While Hillary Clinton has brushed off questions about her potential candidacy in 2016, few believe there is any chance she won’t be in the mix.  And she may be in a unique position.  Under normal circumstances, the political climate makes it either harder or easier for a potential candidate to make a successful run.  For example, the public’s view of the George W. Bush presidency made it nearly impossible for John McCain to have a chance against whichever Democrat rose to the top.  Hillary may very well be in a win-win situation.  If Obama is reelected, so many people supported her back in 2008 that when 2016 rolls around, she could play the White House capture-the-flag game from both sides of the fence.  If Obama is seen in a negative light at the end of his second term, she can cut ties with him and preach on what she would have done different.  She can tout it that America made the right choice of party in ’08 but not the right person.  If Romney wins, chances are he will have a hard time impressing anyone in the next four years, leaving Hillary with ample ammunition to play the same cards against him in the more traditional sense.  But the one with the biggest card to play is Hillary herself.  After all, many, many people reminisce about Bill Clinton’s eight years as some of the best days in American history, especially in the  lives of current generations.  Clinton oversaw a near decade of prosperity.  We can debate all night long about whether he was just lucky or actually created that climate, but in any case, Americans still regard him in that light, and there are plenty of people that hope that if they put Hillary Clinton in the White House, it’s as good as electing Bill Clinton to a third term.

No, Bill Clinton cannot officially be President of the United States again.  But with the unique opportunity to become the First Husband of America, he might just be prying open the door to get back to his old stomping grounds.    And if Hillary could win and then stay on for a second term, the Clintons could control the highest office in the nation for a staggering sixteen years!  Fans of conspiracy theories probably remember the hubbub about the Clinton-Bush conspiracy back in the earlier part of this decade.  There was a concept that the Bush and Clinton families were the “chosen ones” by the true powers-that-be to dominate the nation.  It came about because of the impressive amount of control the two families had over a huge part of the last quarter-century.

Think about it.  George Bush, Sr. was Ronald Reagan’s vice-president, so he was actively involved in the White House for eight years before he ever became President.  Then, he only lasted one term when he was replaced by Bill Clinton who would claim the next eight years.  Then, in a surprising move considering Clinton’s prevailing popularity, George W. Bush the son won and despite turbulent times claimed eight years for himself.  The conspiracy theories all pointed to Hillary’s 2008 run as the Clinton’s taking the White House back for eight more years, extending the sovereignty of the Bush-Clinton age.  A man named Barack Obama would break things up with his miracle run, but is he only a footnote in the Bush-Clinton dominance?  Could Bill Clinton and company ride again for another near decade?  And will that buy enough time for the next Bush or Clinton to be ready to take the reins.

Time will tell.