Has the War in Afghanistan Been Forgotten?

Common Sense Conspiracy doesn’t make a practice of advocating articles from the general media, but an article written by one Robert Burns that was picked up by the Associated Press on Sunday caught our attention.  We won’t plagiarize the article, but we highly encourage all of our readers to check it out.  The article does a great job of bringing the spotlight back on the war in Afghanistan which seems to be forgotten in the public’s psyche.  As the death toll marches on with little fanfare, it’s a shame that this is not a pivotal issue, even as presidential candidates fight for our votes in November.  As a matter of fact, Mitt Romney did not even mention the war in his speech at the Republican National Convention, and Obama has only brought it up to announce his plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by 2014.  That’s right, 2014!

So, take a moment out of your busy day to check out Mr. Burn’s article and give a couple of our fallen hero’s the pause that they deserve.  And then, let’s gather together as the American people and demand answers for why this war is still going on, what the goal of troops there now is, and exactly how we are going to bring our soldiers home.  In an election year where tax returns and gay marriage seem to be more interesting to voters, let’s not forget a core issue that should never be ignored.  After all, there is probably nothing more important in selecting a commander-in-chief of this nation to consider than how they will lead the military especially in a wartime situation.

America might have forgotten the war, but we must not forget these brave souls who fight for us whether or not we believe in the cause.

The article can be read here.

Thanks for reading.