Fox News Broadcasts Suicide Live — Live News Gone Wild?

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened.  We’ve all seen news networks astounding coverage of high-speed police chases in real time.  In fact, every American of middle age probably can recall the O.J. Simpson Bronco chase that unfolded in real time with millions watching breathlessly.  Now, Fox News has found itself in an unfortunate set of circumstances that left its viewers watching the suspect in a car chase exit his vehicle and blow his brains out in virtually real time.

Sheppard Smith, a popular news anchor, was giving the play-by-play.  Apparently, the tape was on a five-second delay after the suspect exited his vehicle to supposedly prevent something like this from happening.  But, especially in high-pressure situations, people make mistakes.  This time, someone at Fox caused the five-second delay feed to not be broadcast in lieu of the real live feed.

Smith was obviously unaware that the mistake was causing the wrong feed to play.  After the suspect blew his brains out on national television, Smith apologized to the viewers, tried to explain the mistake, and then continued to be in shock himself, saying that this should have never been on television.

The obvious conspiracy theory is just how sorry is Fox News for this error?  And was the mistake intentional?  Or was this truly a grievous error that was broadcast to so many people?

I for one thank this guy, who still there are no details about, for saving American taxpayers thousands of dollars dealing with his a*$.  If only more criminals would do the same, we could have a budget surplus in no time.

In the “sad-but-true” category, we realize that many people will end up here wanting to see this atrocity.  Well, we don’t know how long this video will stay alive, but here it is for your viewing pleasure (obviously, viewer discretion is advised here):