Election 2012 — Our 3 Debate Questions for the Presidential Candidates

Well, as you might have guessed, no one asked us.  But still, Common Sense Conspiracy has three suggestions for questions to be asked of our two “worthy” presidential candidates at a series of debates slated for October that may very well determine the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

Our questions, as you also might have guessed, tend to go outside the lines of the “normal” questions that are asked of presidential candidates.  We are straying outside the norm to get away from the typical two-party system stand-by’s and suggest some real questions.  Meaning, no softballs to hit out of the park here.  Don’t worry, Democrats and Republicans, no one will listen to us.  After all, we represent the voice of those that are actually concerned with America.  Anyhow, without further ado, we present our three big questions that should be asked at the presidential debates with a little commentary on why it is important and why it will never, ever be asked in a million years.

1.  Why do you feel the need to collect millions in campaign contributions so you can spread your message despite having infinite intellectual resources in the internet and media already at your disposal?  Say what?  Yeah, we said it.  First of all, if you are the incumbent President, then why the hell do you have to campaign at all?  Didn’t you just spend four years campaigning for your own reelection?  Why not put your foot down, have a national prime-time address, and push over a briefcase with millions in it to charity, the national debt, or some more worthy cause and say “America, you know what I’m about.  Re-elect me based on what you know.”  But, every Democrat will interject here (only Democrats because the current President is Democratic; if the incumbent were Republican, this door would swing the other way) that these millions must be spent to off-set the “attack ads.”

Money for nothing.

Well, first of all, those “attack ads” swing both ways like that door we were just talking about.  And most of them are so utterly ridiculous that why would anyone with any intellectual sustenance vote based on that?  Oh, but I know…the people are so stupid that they fall for it.  No, the truth is that people vote based on their own prejudices, and stupid, silly attack ads do nothing more than let one team root for their cause, like a big pep rally that doesn’t do anything but cost millions of dollars.  For no reason.

And even if you dismiss all of that, think about this.  With the Internet, a medium that we are using for free currently to communicate to you, these candidates could reach millions.  For nothing.  Why spend money and for God’s sake, why seek it out and recruit for it?  A quick look at Barack Obama’s Twitter account shows him begging for five bucks like a homeless person sleeping under the bridge downtown (Red Hot Chili Peppers, no copyright infringement intended).  So he can do what?  Convince people of what?  Convince people that Mitt Romney’s attack ads that are completely based in bullshit are somehow not as good as his own.  Oh well, let’s move on before this turns into a RANT like someone else that writes on this site (nudge, nudge).

2.  What is your plan to help and rehabilitate those currently living off of unemployment, welfare, and other entitlement programs in the United States?

Yeah, we said it.  Politicians on both sides of the two-party system frequently avoid this part of the question.  They are both to point out this that or the other.  One side says that more people need help.  The other says the opposite.  Then every few years or so they switch.  How about a real plan to help these people?  How about we come up with an actual solution and not just another pass to get us another vote or two or a million and win another election?   When did these government programs become lifetime mandates instead of a “hand up” as Obama recently said at a campaign stop?  Let’s find a way to help people that have stumbled, regardless of whether it is their fault or not, to find their way back to the light.

Everyone in America deserves a “hand up” as President Obama says when times go bad, and we all support that.  But we have to find a way to make that “hand up” get their feet back on solid ground and not falling into a sea of quicksand.  No political figure seems to want to address this.  They either fall on the side of government programs or on the other side.  How about someone that sees it as a stepping stone to helping people prosper again?  How about being a support and not a lifestyle?

3.    What will you do about the obesity problem in the United States and when will it be treated with the same condemnation as other problems, such as smoking?

Obesity in America is an overwhelming problem, and Michelle Obama, our First Lady, has been very proactive in acting against it already.  Sadly enough, few of those that support Obama consider that in their choice.  Having said that, the First Lady is not technically up for reelection.  In any case, health insurance companies frequently target smokers, alcoholics, and all of those with pre-existing diseases as deserving higher premiums.  But when will obesity step up and be recognized as a real problem in the United States.

Here’s some food for thought (no pun intended.)  The states in the United States that were the thinnest in 1991 are still among the thinnest.  Only they are now fatter than the fattest state in 1991 was.  Granted, the fatter states have grown at just as fast a pace.  But what does that say about our nation as a whole?  The thinnest state in 1991 is now fatter than the fattest state in 1991.  Do you see a trend?

Health care reform is Obama’s baby.  Well, that’s great, and there is certainly much that needs to be done.  But obesity is never on the menu.  Sure, the Prez and his wife want to help kids get better, but where is the referendum?  When will obesity be recognized as a legitimate problem, and not because of just everyone saying “well that’s just the way it is.”

Why can’t doctors prescribe exercise as a medication?  A verifiable course of treatment that must be proven to continue to get benefits.

But no…ignoring is better…ignorance is a word we throw around a lot.  The root is ignore.

No one will care, that’s for sure, but less us know what your favorite presidential debate questions are.  We will make a commitment now to analyzing each and every one in a full article here on our site to find the merits (and you know, the other stuff).  Get ’em in before the polls close.