Dr Pepper’s Evolution Ad Angers Christians — Don’t You Have Something Better to Be Angry About?

Popular soft drink Dr Pepper recently ran an advertisement that comically suggested that Dr Pepper helped apes complete the evolutionary process into human beings.  As you can see here, the image is meant to be humorous and completely harmless.  It has no obvious religious undertones to it.  Still, there have been some Christians who were outraged by the ad to the point that Dr Pepper eventually decided to suspend the campaign.  And, as usual, there were plenty of atheists and non-believers lined up to throw stones as well.  Our question is don’t the Christians have other things to be angry about besides something this trivial?

Are you offended?

The issue revolves around the long-running debate between Christianity and science about evolution.  Christians generally believe that evolution is a faulty theory proposed to go against God and Creationism.  Scientists believe that Charles Darwin had it right 150 years ago when he first posed the theory of evolution based on his observations.  Regardless of which side you are on in this debate, the evolution theory is still a work-in-progress.  There are plenty of questions that scientists still have about how the process worked, and many people mistakenly believe that evolution indicates that humans came from monkeys.  While that may be technically true, the theory of evolution is really that everything came from a primordial soup if you will, a conglomeration of the building blocks of life that found its way into a perfect situation to flourish.  Evolution actually indicates that we all came from single-celled organisms if you break it down far enough, not monkeys alone.

In any case, debating the merits of evolution versus Christianity is not the focus of our article here.  We just happen to believe that if you are Christian, there’s little reason to be offended.  The advertisement is humorous at best, and not offensive at its worst.  I don’t believe that Dr Pepper was really trying to offend Christians and make a political statement.  They were trying to sell soft drinks.  Are we saying that Christians shouldn’t stand up for what they believe in?  Absolutely not.  They have every right to do so, and probably should stand up more than they do.  However, going to war over a soft drink ad of this nature seems a little extreme.  We don’t want to get like our Muslim friends and take offense to every little thing like it is a major issue.

There are so many things going on in the world right now that Christians should be legitimately angry about that it is hard to understand why something like this could make such a big splash.  The current crisis in the Middle East is just one of these, not to mention a myriad of problems back home.  Problems within the religion itself we won’t even mention here.  Get mad, but just get mad for the right reasons.

And if you like Dr Pepper drink one.  If you like Chick-fil-A, eat a chicken sandwich and enjoy it.  These are food and beverage companies, not politicians or religion.  Let’s put our anger and outrage in the right place.

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