Domestic Violence On Display — Latest Vogue Cover Shows Model Being CHOKED

What message are we trying to send here?

Women’s rights groups are mad as hell at the latest Vogue cover. The cover shows model Stephanie Seymour being CHOKED by model Marlon Teixeira. The women’s groups are saying that this is glorifying violence against women as an act of love. This is a very controversial cover, to say the least.

The real question is, why is violence against women being portrayed as an act of love? Women DO NOT want to be treated like this. More importantly, what kind of message is this sending to the male youth of the world? That this kind of behavior is acceptable? Well, news flash, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Magazines, movies, tv shows, etc. should not be allowed to show these kind of images. They have no idea how the young men of the world will react to these images.

Hopefully, young men will see these images for what they are, and that is TRASH! Women should be treated with respect. Women should not ever be subjected to this kind of behavior. This Vogue cover should be pulled from circulation immediately. How can Vogue publish such a horrible thing? Do these people not have a moral compass? Why don’t they have a person that says this is not right?

Vogue should do the right thing. Do the right thing and stop publication of this reprehensible cover. Women all over the world should boycott Vogue. They should be mad as hell and do something about this.