Democracy with a Little D — Much Ado About Nothing in 1995 Obama Video

Both political parties in the United States are pulling out all the stops looking for anything to throw up against the enemy’s candidate, including videos from over a decade ago.  This one is making a lot of noise right now because of the “democracy with a little ‘d'” comment it contains, as well as a lot of stuff about “common ground.”

We put a link to this video so you can see for yourself what all the drama is about.  But if you want to save your time, there’s nothing much to see here.  The commentary doesn’t really tell us anything about President Obama that we didn’t already know, much like the leaked Mitt Romney comments were just showing us what we all figured to be the case anyway.  The only thing it does prove is that Obama’s policies are not something he developed recently.   The video points outs that he has been subscribing to his logic since at least 1995 with no end in sight.

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