Dalai Lama Supports 2045 Avatar Project — Why Wouldn’t He??

The Dalai Lama has issued his support for the 2045 Avatar Project. This is a New World Order plan to transfer human consciousness into a artificial body within the next three decades. But, never fear, this will only be available for the super rich. Because they apparently are the only ones who deserve anything. The NWO has these grand illusions of immortality and this is how they plan to attain it. If you have never heard of this plan, give this video a watch. It explains how they plan to do it and it also shows how they are trying to sell this idea to the public. They want you to have false hope and think you can take part in this. The movie Surrogates with Bruce Willis is very close to the Avatar Project. Why does the Dalai Lama support this plan? Because he will be one of the ones who will take part in it. So, unless you are a elite, you have no chance of taking part in this. But, you need to know what they are planning so we can stop it. If we can’t have immortality, neither can they!!!

One thought on “Dalai Lama Supports 2045 Avatar Project — Why Wouldn’t He??”

  1. But that would mean that the Dalai Lama would still be alive by 2045, wich I find very hard to believe. Or are you talking about the next Dalai-Lama? And how on Earth would anyone know the oppinion of the next Dalai-Lama if nobody knows who he is and he is chosen only after de former one´s death?
    This whole story sounds fishy to me…

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