Czech Republic Bans Alcohol To Prevent Methanol Poisoning

Authorities are raiding liquor stores to try to locate the source of the methanol-tainted alcohol.

The death toll is rising in the Czech Republic after a outbreak of methanol poisoning. 19 are dead, 24 hospitalized, while others are blinded and some have been placed into induced comas to try and save their lives from the tainted alcohol. The government decided to a total ban on alcohol because of the methanol. What is methanol?

Methanol mostly has industrial uses, but bootleggers use it because it is cheap and difficult to distinguish from regular alcohol. The ban extends to liquor with more than 20 percent alcohol content. So far, only vodka and rum appear to be tainted. It is believed that somewhere around 20 percent of the alcohol sold in restaurants comes from the black market. The Czech government is urging its citizens to not drink any alcohol that they do not know where it came from.

What do you think of the move by the Czech government? They say the ban may last a couple of weeks but they really don’t know. If you are planning to travel to the Czech Republic and party, you may want to hold off until the ban is lifted.


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