Could Romney’s 47% Video Leak Be Intentional? New World Order 101

People will rally for their government programs.

It seems like the Mother Jones video leak that showed Mitt Romney making some awfully candid statement at a closed-door fundraiser is political suicide.  Now, today, Romney actually took responsibility and owned up to what he said.  He basically stated that he was speaking the truth, although he pointed out that he might not have gone the best way about wording it.  To us at Common Sense Conspiracy, that is the most fascinating part.  Romney could have done what politicians do on a daily basis (including Romney himself).  He could have lied.  He could have blamed it on high-tech audio editing.  No, he took full responsibility.  It is very interesting that the one time he told the truth might be the very thing that undoes his chances at being even a remote challenger to President Barack Obama’s throne.

Yet, upon further examination, we are starting to wonder if this wasn’t done completely on purpose.  By Romney or his campaign staff?  Almost definitely not.  There is no way to explain why they would think such a leak would help them.  And, yes, you could make the claim that it is obviously intentional on the part of the leakers.  But what was their purpose?

The tipster that released this video to go viral on the Internet obviously wanted it to reveal Romney and help the cause of Obama.  But how far up the food chain does this go?  And what does the message really mean to Americans?

We publicized the fact here that Mitt Romney attended the Bilderberg meeting and even were excitedly waiting to see if that was a harbinger of things to come.  If you subscribe to the logic that there are two political parties in America that are both fighting for the greater good of the people, then you might as well stop reading.  If you believe, as we do, that the two-party system is really a one-party system that is propelling us toward an ultimate goal while giving us the illusion of choice all along the way, then read on.  This will probably fascinate you.

The concept of a New World Order is to organize the world, or at least most of it, under one banner.  Not the banner of any president, prime minister, or dictator or any nation that you currently have heard of.  The new banner is to be one for all and is to encompass everyone and everything at one time.  Those that wish to accomplish this goal know that it is not something that happens overnight.  In fact, it has already been in motion for decades, and presidential elections are some of the biggest moments in the movement.

So, if Bilderberg or whoever you believe is pulling the strings wanted to make sure Obama wins, making sure this leak happens is a great way to go about it.  Also, making sure that Romney said those things and would take responsibility for it is important as well.  Perhaps Romney was instructed exactly how to handle this when the time came.  Most would have denied it or not commented on it.  Or accused it of being a fraud.  Romney’s uncharacteristic stance of truth is highly unorthodox and only makes the video all the more damning.  It certainly could be the final tipping point in the election.  But is there a more sinister motive?  Absolutely.

The video doesn’t just turn the people against Mitt Romney.  It doesn’t simply make them more likely to vote for Obama or not at all.  It causes them to be outraged.  The thought that Romney could say such things about government programs and people that use them for assistance.  The audacity and arrogance of this man to say this when all of us know a good grandma on Medicaid or a disabled person that would have been in dire straights without public assistance.  It’s not designed just to hurt Romney, but to remind the American people that these programs are very necessary, should always be funded, possibly should be expanded, and that this is very important…direly important.

The two-party system tries to have certain things that make the parties starkly different.  This promotes the concept of choice.  Things like gay marriage, abortion, and military spending are the kind of issues that cause people to have to choose one side or the other.  Those choices are what make people happy when they go into the voting booth and cast their vote, not just for the candidate they like, but for what they believe in.  The Democratic Party does fall more in line with the New World Order concept.  One of the major goals of the New World Order movement is to make everyone more dependent on government than ever before.  The more dependent you are, the more they control you.  They don’t want you to rise above; they want you to need them, to take from the system, and to become so reliant on it that you cannot dream of rallying against it.  It’s the ageless concept of biting the hand that feeds you.  If the government provides EVERYTHING, then how could anyone not support it and at the very least not resist it.

The Affordable Health Care program is another way the government gets another hold.  The Federal Reserve has lowered rates to historically low levels, meanwhile creating money as fast it can.  And what about the fact that America simply doesn’t have the money to fund all of these programs?

No problem.  We’ll just keep borrowing money.  Increasing the national debt.  Laughing at the deficit and moving right through the intersection.  Because the further in debt that the United States falls, the closer it comes to a true economic crisis that will force everyone to fall under the New World Order banner.  When the American dollar is deemed worthless, the government will have free rein because it has the stuff that we need to survive.  And with that comes control.

So be outraged.  Be taken aback.  But be informed.  Always pay attention to what the other hand is doing while the one hand has you captivated.

One thought on “Could Romney’s 47% Video Leak Be Intentional? New World Order 101”

  1. I’m just not buying it. I agree with the two-party myth and the illusion of choice, but this whole deeper level new order stuff just doesn’t ring true.

    According to this article the political goals of both parties are essentially united. I agree with that. According to this article that goal is a complete American welfare state?! Yeah right.

    The goals of the government are clear. Use it’s military power to force client states to give concessions to our largest businesses and keep enormous amounts of wealth and resources flowing into the coffers of the richest elite the world has ever known. A great deal of that money goes back in to politics to buy the politicians who are most likely to give those companies what they want.

    Politicians then join the boards of those companies or become advisors or CEOs, etc. It’s the revolving door between business and government. It’s all plain as day and the motivations are clear.

    It doesn’t answer the question of why Romney’s campaign is so inept, but I’m pretty sure the people pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into his campaign are going to make sure he takes it as far as he can.

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