Christian Girl With Down’s Syndrome Accused Of Blasphemy In Pakistan Was FRAMED

It’s nice to see that even with such a small Christian population in Pakistan, someone cares.

Rimsha Masih, a Christian girl with Down’s Syndrome, has been accused of blasphemy in Pakistan. She is accused of burning pages from the Quran. New evidence has been presented that she was framed by a Muslim cleric. Khalid Jadoon, the cleric in question, has been arrested for framing the young girl. He planted evidence against her in an attempt to strengthen the blasphemy charge. Jadoon reportedly wants to expel the minority Christian community from Pakistan. I guess he is trying one Christian at a time.

There was a  belief from the beginning that Rimsha was framed. The perception in Pakistan is that the extremists have been misusing the blasphemy laws to persecute religious minorities. The Christian population only makes up four percent of Pakistan. The hope is that since this new evidence has been presented, that reform will take place with the blasphemy laws. Rimsha is also hoping to be set free from custody. She reportedly was facing execution for the charges. Let’s everyone pray that the right thing will be done and Rimsha will be set free. Her and her family will need protection from the extremists. They have a history of taking things into their own hands and dishing out their own “justice”.

Hopefully this will also open everyone’s eyes to the ongoing worldwide Christian persecution. If these things were happening to Muslims, they would be calling for war, Obama would be calling for tolerance along with a host of others. When will the Christian persecution stop??