Are Americans Being Conditioned to Hate Islam?

Common Sense Conspiracy believes that there are plenty of other conspiracy sites reporting the news right now, so we’re gonna take a little break and look at an interesting theory that is popping up on some message boards and forums around the United States.  Some people are putting forth the theory that Americans are being conditioned to hate Islam.  Some have even compared it to Germany in the World War II era convincing its citizens that the Jews were evil and must be exterminated.  So, is the American government along with other world organizations trying to rally the American people to hate Islam?

Well, the answer is more complicated than the question.  First, you have to stop and think about what the question really means.  For starters, we tend to use the term “Islam” and “Muslim” as a blanket terminology for millions upon millions of people.  In America, the term is all-too-often really directed at extremists, those that have radical beliefs within the umbrella of Islam and strike out to commit what we view as atrocious deeds in the religion’s name.  Let’s be honest.  Most Muslims in our world are peaceful and tolerant of other religions.  However, tolerance is a funny word.  In America, tolerance of religion is often contorted as well.  After all, Americans are free to worship or believe as they choose, but then in this era, one religion is often upset about another’s expression of such belief.  This is not limited to religious affiliations only.  Even atheist foundations sometimes strike out at religious institutions and public displays citing that they have their own equal right to not be exposed to it.  Islamic societies are a little different…okay a lot different.  They may “tolerate” other religions, but they don’t take kindly to it being forced into their backyard.  So, it depends on your definition of religious tolerance as to whether or not Islam in general is tolerant.  But there’s a big difference between not wanting a religion in your own country and on your neighborhood streets and actually striking out at it where it hails from.

Did you ever think of how the difference in views is almost exactly opposite each other?  Think about it.  Us in the West wonder why Islam hates us and why they want to strike out at us?  But how many Muslims are frustrated with the Western view that all Muslims are terrorists and extremists?  Believe it or not, it’s probably fairly equal across the board.

Is our government conditioning us to hate Islam?  That was the original question.  Well, it depends on what you believe.  If you believe that everything you’ve seen is authentic, then it’s not our government, but Islam itself that is breeding hatred.  If you subscribe to any number of conspiracy theories, many that have been addressed here on this site at one time or another, then the result could be much different.

What benefit comes from getting Americans to hate Islam?  The biggest one is also the most obvious.  Rallying hate against Islam keeps Americans in a position to view war with them as at the very least, necessary.  And on the other extreme, a cause, a war that must be waged and won. But if the American government is trying to make its citizens hate Islam, is it because they want to eliminate it?

That’s where the question really takes a detour.  Our government doesn’t want to eradicate Islam. They want to use it as an excuse for other agendas.  The face of Islam as a face of terror is only a means of getting us to agree to go along with aggressive agendas that we ordinary citizens will never understand or even be aware of.  But public support is very important for any such operation, and the government wants it.

That’s right.  You heard it here first.  The government in the United States can do whatever it wishes, ultimately, but it NEEDS us to rally behind it.  Remember this as you try to come to your own conclusions.  America is still a land where the people wield a great amount of power, and by being educated, we can learn how to wield that power for the real “greater good”, not the one being advanced by those that wish for a domineering government.

So, when it’s all said and done, who is at fault?  Us or the government?

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  1. First I’ve heard of this. I’m a hard core conservative talk radio fan. All those I listen to are very careful to distinguish between Islamics and Islamic extremists. I would really like to know where the non-extremists stand on Israels right to exist. I did recently come up with a solution to the whole middle east problem. It would involve covering Israel with a lead blanket to protect it from the radiation. Here a shroom, there a shroom…..

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