Another Asteroid Passes Close to Earth — PHA 2012 QG42 Undiscovered Before August 26

Too close for comfort?

Asteroid PHA 2012 QG42 (catchy, huh?) is somewhere between 625 and 1400 feet across.  When an asteroid name starts out with the PHA designation, it says something about the situation.  PHA stands for “potentially hazardous asteroid.”  Hazardous to who?  Earth of course.  This one is not going to strike the Earth, scientists have said certainly.  It will get uncomfortably close in astronomical terms, passing within 1.8 million miles.  That is only seven times as far as the distance between the planet and the Moon, to give you a way to visualize it.  Not too scary, huh?

Well, here’s the disturbing part.  While this asteroid poses no threat to the Earth whatsoever, the message to be taken away is that it was undiscovered until August 26 of this year.  If it had been on a collision course with the Earth, they would have only had a couple of weeks to try to do something about it.  And there is no guarantee that such an asteroid isn’t already out there, winging its way toward Earth as we speak.

We’re not trying to scare anyone.  Everyone around here at Common Sense Conspiracy remembers the drama around Comet Elenin that never materialized.  We are simply pointing out that there is reason for concern when one of these PHA’s pass terrifically close and we don’t know about it until just before it happens.