$65 Million “Marriage Bounty” To The Man Who Can Woo Billionaire’s Lesbian Daughter

A looker that one…and the daughter too.

Hong Kong billionaire, Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, has offered $65 million to any man that can ‘woo’ his lesbian dauhgter away from her wife. The reports circulated when dear old Cecil found out his dauhgter, Gigi Chao, had married her long-time partner in France. He reportedly will not ‘force’ his daughter to marry a man she does not want to, but he has put up this so called “marriage bounty” anyway.

Good ole Cecil will also help out any man, rich or poor, who can successfully win his daughter’s heart, with starting their own business. That’s right, you will get a bride and a business if you can pull this off.

We are not encouraging anyone to try this. This whole offer is completely ridiculous. How long before the networks come calling? This has reality show written all over it.

This will certainly get a lot of people up in arms about this. Do you think that dear old Cecil is out of bounds on this one?