Why Israel May Hold All the Cards in the United States Presidential Race

We all know the beef that Israel has with Iran.  They believe that Iran is furiously trying to obtain nuclear weapon capability, and that really bothers Israel, especially with Iran’s less-than-tolerate view toward the Jewish state.

Iran’s new Fateh-110 missiles have the capability of striking 180 miles away.

As a matter of fact, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said on more than one occasion that he believes that Israel should be “wiped off the map” and the Iranian government continues to not recognize Israel as an official nation.  Just recently, there were rumors that the White House and President Barack Obama had received information that Iran was considerably closer to obtaining such a weapon than was previously thought.  Now, Israel is sitting on ready to launch an air strike campaign to make sure Iran doesn’t get any closer to making good on their threats.  The United States government has pleaded with Israel not to make such a move, at least not yet.  And Iran has not let up on the escalation.  Just last week they unveiled new missiles with impressive ranges, and they were happy to talk about it in the international scene.

Why is the United States worried about a possible Israeli air strike on Iran?  There’s a couple of reasons.  In the big picture, Israel and the United States are loyal allies, and if Israel was involved in a skirmish with Iran, it would be expected that the U.S. would participate as well.  Especially if Iran retaliated against Israel.  This is only the tip of the iceberg, however.  The presidential election that is just eleven weeks away at the writing of this article is a major player in what is going on.  No doubt incumbent Obama wishes for Israel to at least hold off until his reelection campaign is complete.  But Israel finds itself in a lofty position of power over the election of who will preside over the most powerful nation in the world.

Whether you subscribe to ideas like the elections being fixed in the first place or not, you have to admit that Israel is in an enviable position to influence the United States political scene whichever way it chooses.  But why is this a bad thing for President Obama?  After all, historically, Americans don’t like to change leadership in times of war.  From that statistical point, verified as recently as when America chose to keep unpopular president George W. Bush in 2004, it would seem that a new war on the horizon would play to Obama’s favor.  You have to look at the details to discover why Obama would much rather any such military action wait for December or beyond.

Republicans are generally steadfast about military action in general, and candidate Mitt Romney will no doubt endorse an Israeli attack if it were to happen before the election.  This poses no threat to him; Republicans that were going to vote for Mitt Romney will not be swayed by a hard line on Iran.  For Obama, it’s different.  His political base tires of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan already, and they voted for Obama on the premise of change.  A sudden resurgence of another Middle East war would not work to his advantage.  It also puts him in a tough spot.  There are many states in the United States with a large Jewish population.  Naturally, Jews in America are likely to side with whatever Israel chooses to do.  If President Obama condemned military action by Israel, it would be like turning his back on an American ally, and he might lose a huge percentage of the Jewish vote.  Of course, if he does endorse it, he runs the danger of angering his own base.

This map shows where air strikes would be likely to occur. As you can see, Israel would have to attack in a wide range to successfully destroy all of Iran’s known nuclear facilities.

While nothing can be confirmed at this time, many alternative news sources are reporting that Benjamin Netanyahu is obsessed with attacking Iran before the United States elections, and he is already gathering support in his own base to convince the Israeli people that military action is the only option and in their best interest.  This probably won’t be too hard to pull off, as the Jewish opinion of Iran is not good anyhow.  And with good reason.  The timing is critical.  Attacking before the election could force the American President to take a stand that he has been wont to do thus far.  If they wait until after the election, it’s a relative certainty that Obama would support them.  After all, the powers-that-be behind the scenes are pushing for a world war scenario involving Iran and Syria.  Right now, the only thing Obama is thinking about is avoiding any conflict that might make people doubt his leadership or change sides.  Another massive military operation could be just the thing to force him to stop riding the fence and go one way or another.  What the result of that would be, no one knows for sure.

Everyone in America knows in their heart of hearts that Iran is the next situation that the United States will inevitably have to deal with.  The question is when?  And is this the time that it should be undertaken?  Clearly Obama doesn’t think so right now.  He has repeatedly urged diplomacy as the option of choice when dealing with Iran.  But the time for diplomacy is rapidly wearing out, and the political scene is ready to pounce in their respective ways to gain advantage from whatever happens over the next several weeks.

We’ve touched on this at Common Sense Conspiracy before.  Presidential elections are about the issues, but so often, it comes down to what happens in the months leading up to the election that determines the outcome.  Unfortunately, this can sometimes leave foreign nations in a power position.  The power right now belongs to Israel.  How will they choose?

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