Why Is It Ok For Islam To Forbid Homosexuality But Not Christianity??

Muslims make chicken sandwiches look like child's play when it comes to the issue of homosexuality.

In Islam, Muslims accept Allah and his Prophet as the authority and final word in what is right and wrong. This is very important to Muslims. Islam believes that people are homosexual by environment. They believe that people are NOT born homosexual. But, it’s ok for them to say it and not Christians. Why do I say that? Because you don’t hear an outcry against Muslims. Same-sex intercourse carries the death penalty in five officially Muslim countries : Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, Sudan and Yemen. All Islamic schools consider gay acts unlawful, they just differ in penalties. In Saudi Arabia, they usually punish with fines or other forms of punishment unless they feel homosexuals are challenging state authority by engaging in a gay rights movement. Most Muslim countries believe these laws preserve Islamic morality and virtue. Isn’t that what Christians say? But yet, when Christians say it, they get persecuted. The law in Islam states that a certain number of male and female witnesses to homosexuality should testify in court. Basically, homosexuality is a crime in Islam. Christians have not said it is a crime. Yet, again, when Christians say things like this, persecution follows. When Muslims say it, it is ok.

Iran, another Muslim country, has outlawed homosexuality and even executed over 4000 citizens for homosexuality. Christians are not killing homosexuals, Islam is. These things are easily found with a Google search. There are seven references in the Quran about homosexuality and their destruction by Allah is associated explicitly with their sexual practices. Saudi Arabia also has a maximum punishment of death. Iran even carries out sex change operations for homosexuals and hails it as a “cure”. You read that right, a “cure”. The Quran has some similarities with the Bible. They talk about a lot of the same people and they both forbid homosexuality. Only one of these religions is frowned on for their beliefs. By the way, it is not the Muslims.

Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin just like the Muslims. Like I said, both religions have some things in common. Christians are not rounding up gays and killing them. Christians are not offering a supposed “cure” for homosexuality. Islam does but yet you don’t hear about the gays rising up against Islam and calling them insensitive or hate-filled. Why? That is what we would like to know. If they did rise up in a Islamic country, they would probably all be killed. It is believed in Islam that a man should be a man and a woman should be a woman. They think that homosexuality causes disease, is degrading to a person, unnatural and causes harm to both an individual and the family.  They also believe that a person is homosexual by their environment and lack of education. Those are strong statements, for sure. The thing is, if a Christian made any of these statements, the gays would call for a boycott of the religion, or anything remotely connected to it. They are not calling for a boycott of Islam.  In fact, we purposely tread lightly on anything Islamic in nature.  Why is Islam protected in America but Christianity is not?

Recently, Dan Cathy of Chick-Fil-A, came out against homosexuality. Guess what, he was treated as an outcast and a huge outcry followed. A boycott of his business was even proposed, although it was less than successful. I have a question. You ask a Christian man, who runs  a Christian company, his stance on homosexuality, what do you think his answer would be? What if the same question was posed to a Muslim business owner? What do you think their answer will be?

This Muslim cleric once said on national television that gays should be "thrown from a high place."

Christians always get flack for their views. Why does Islam not get any of it? They go way farther than the Christians on this issue. They could be said to be more insensitive about the issue. The gay community is talking about equal treatment. They want equal treatment in the United States. Well, you are not getting that in a Muslim country. Why are you not using your voice to talk about that? All you want to talk about is the Christian view. What about Islam?

Just remember, the U.S. may not do a lot of things right, but, you are still allowed to be homosexual here. You are not allowed to be homosexual in a Muslim country. They just might kill you.

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  1. Listen up, All you “Liberal Idiots” out there reading this. And whoever is operating this “God Awful Site” just shut up. Homosexuality is a “Filthy Disgusting Sin” and always will be. All Religions, including Islam and Christianity pratice and teach that Homosexuality is “Wrong and Evil” to begin with. All “Cultures and Society” want nothing to due with it. In Fact before Homosexuality, became a “Global Epidemic” and spread like the Disease it is now. The World was a much better place to live in. Homosexuals Die of AIDS everyday as they should. There a “Filthy Unwanted Group of people.” There “Social Outcasts” that Society has forgotted all about. Now, “Thank God” there still carrying the Death Penalty for those Freaks around the World. There an “Unwanted Abomination” and the Worst Kind there is. And even though, Unfortunately there’s still no Death Penalty for Homosexuals here in America. There still persucuted here, like they should be. Because that’s America, and we Hate our Gays. Thank God, we still haven’t lost our ways and Common Sense. They just want to change us, as a Society. But God won’t let them. Now, I personally don’t care want Religion you believe in. As long as they “Discriminate and Preach” against those People. There just fine with me. Now, there’s no Such Cure for Gays but putting them to “Death” is the next best solution. So, I Praise and Admire any Great Nation whose willing to do the right thing. And effectively shutting up and Killing all Homosexuals. So, may they all Die a painful “AIDS Full Death” someday. Amen

  2. it is disgusting and wrong for people to kill other people for simply being gay. it is not a choice and not a sin. religion continues to be the biggest killer of people around the world and that is not right in any civilized persons eyes. a person knows in their heart that it is wrong to kill others, unless they’re protecting themselves. Christianity and Islam have it wrong. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” and Romans 13:10 says “Love does not hurt others and that’s why LOVE fulfills Gods law” Hurting, killing, fighting equality, etc. These all hurt and destroy and are of the devil.

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