What Happened To the Spirit Of Competition?? Olympic Badminton Players Disqualified For Trying To Lose

And we thought only America was plagued with those seeking an easy road?

Olympic badminton players have been disqualified for intentionally trying to lose to get more favorable draws in the tournament. The tournament has group stages and they are not single elimination. That is what everybody is claiming that the problem is. Critics are calling for single elimination play. They say that the group stages is what opened this can of worms. The culprits, two South Korean pairs, a Chinese and Indonesian team have been disqualified from the Olympics. It is the first mass disqualification in Olympic history. You really want to know what the problem is? What happened to the spirit of competition?

The Olympics are the pinnacle of competition. Every athlete strives for greatness at the Olympic games. The real issue is that people just want an easy way to do things. They don’t want to take the hard road. The Olympics are where you go to test yourself against the best athletes in the world. As an athlete, they should want to play the best in the world. The games are only every four years. Four years to train and try to defeat the best athletes in your sport. These players are a disgrace to sports as a whole. What kind of message is this teaching our kids? Don’t do your best, you can lose and get an easier team to play and advance without testing yourself. That is what they are saying.

Every one of those players should be banned for life. It is almost like the Black Sox scandal. They threw the World Series and got banned for life. You throw the Olympics, you should be banned for life. Not just from badminton, the Olympics too. We don’t want to see these players try to take up another sport. No more sports for them. We also don’t want them to turn up in some kind of underground badminton tournament, either.

This is a complete disgrace. The organizers of the Olympics are not to blame. The people to blame are the players who tried to lose on purpose. Wait a minute, that sounds too much like right.