Washington D.C. Shooting at Family Research Council — Anti-Christian Hate Crime?

Not sure what part of Floyd's plan involved unbuttoning his shirt, but let's all be thankful for it.

Okay, yes we know we’re gonna ruffle some feathers with this one.  However, this latest continuation of the Chick-fil-A gay saga only spotlights the hypocrisy of the media and how they will go so far to demonize and sensationalize something if it happens to fit within their agenda’s parameters, but when the shoe is on the other foot, as they say, they just all of a sudden want to report the news.  So, we at Common Sense Conspiracy are launching this article mostly as a sarcastic diatribe about how the media should have presented this story, if they want to apply their sensationalizing paintbrush to everything and not just the situations that they pick and choose.

Meet Floyd Lee Corkins II.  This 28-year-old man, according to his parents, has had it up to here with those that he believes do not treat homosexuals fairly.  He’s tired of the discrimination, he’s tired of watching his gay friends subjected to all sorts of human rights violations.  What exactly these are, we’re not sure, although it must hinge on gay marriage, since that is the only actual thing anyone can come up with in this massive civil rights movement.  In any case, Floyd is like a lot of people in the United States.  He’s had it up to here with Christian organizations trying to shove their beliefs down his throat, and he’s tired of America refusing to rewrite its laws to match the homosexual and liberal agenda.  So, he did what any rational man does for his cause.  He bought a gun and went down to the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, D.C. to send a real message on behalf of gays everywhere, once and for all.  So, he entered the building armed with a Sig Sauer 9mm pistol and a paper sack chock full of fifteen Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

Thankfully, this nutjob wasn’t able to kill anybody in his attempt to do God knows what with a bunch of sandwiches.  He was quickly accosted by a security guard when he entered the building Wednesday morning, and he opened fire.  He did manage to wound the guard, Leo Johnson, in the left arm before he was tackled and arrested.  Johnson is doing fine, according to the Family Research Council.  Let’s be thankful for that.  Because whatever Floyd’s agenda was, I’m pretty sure the security guard probably wasn’t part of the statement.  Unless you believe that working in or around a company automatically means that you agree with their beliefs and mission.  In that case, there’s a lot of us in danger every day.

Floyd had much bigger plans.  After his arrest, they found two more magazines loaded with ammo and an extra fifty bullets thrown in for good measure.  As you probably know, the Family Research Council is a Christian organization that supports traditional marriage.  You know, the kind between a man and a woman.  Now, as we all know, the general American public is completely for gay marriage and has been for a long time.  After all, that’s why every time it is put up to a vote, it passes right through.  So, the FRC is an organization that is really swimming against the tide, still holding on to silly things like religion and God in a time when the rest of America has moved on.  Anyhow, the media has labelled the FRC an anti-gay organization, mainly stemming from the Chick-fil-A incident.  Chick-fil-A donates money to the FRC, and Chick-fil-A is against gay marriage.  So, you see, clearly this Christian organization is just a front for an anti-gay hate group.  Actually, I heard that sometimes they get together and burn crosses in gay people’s yards while wearing rainbow-colored sheets and hoods.  Not very original, we think, but in any case, the media is happy to make sure that everyone knows that they are an anti-gay organization through and through.  Like dozens of other Christian organizations.

Which is where we have our little problem.  See, now that Floyd here has decided to storm the anti-gay organization with his handgun with the intention of blowing some gay haters away, does that not constitute a hate crime in and of itself?  Why did the media not portray Floyd as an “anti-Christian gunman.”  Why can’t we look at Floyd’s views and the life he’s lead and see that he is clearly anti-Christian, anti-religion, and anti-heterosexual.  Let’s be just as black and white about this as we are when it is turned around the other way.  Floyd is guilty of a hate crime against Christians.  Yeah, that’s it.

Last meal, gay haters!

Ironically, Floyd stopped by to get some chicken sandwiches to take on his fortunately stalled shooting spree.  I’m sure Chick-fil-A appreciated the business.  Maybe they can earmark the profits from the sandwiches he purchased to donate to the Family Research Council.  Of course, that would be donating to an anti-gay organization, but they would be doing it to help with an anti-Christian hate crime that was perpetrated on the anti-gay organization.  I think you get the point.

I hope that most people can understand the sarcasm that is rampant throughout this article, but we wanted to just say for those that don’t get it, we know why things are done like they are.  We’re just pointing out the hypocrisy in it and asking for fair reporting all the way around, and not just when the shoe fits.

I guess you could say we’re anti-hypocrisy.  Hate groups.  They’re everywhere.