U.N. Human Rights Council Set To Elect Sudan — Who Is The Head Of State In Sudan?? A GENOCIDAL WARLORD!!!

The U.N. Human Rights Council, that is not a typo, is set to elect Sudan to their little group of nations that is supposed to promote human rights around the world. There is one HUGE problem with this election. Sudan’s Head of State, Omar Al-Bashir is a GENOCIDAL WARLORD! This man is wanted in connection with war crimes committed in HIS OWN COUNTRY! He committed said war crimes in the Darfur region of Sudan. Everyone still remembers the horrible genocide that took place in Darfur??? People were killed, women raped, citizens were displaced from their country all under this man’s command. Well, the International Criminal Court has issued a arrest warrant for Al-Bashir for those very crimes.

Does the United Nations need a consultant for war crimes? Apparently so.

This is the first time EVER that a arrest warrant has been issued for a sitting head of state. How can they elect Sudan when their “leader” is under indictment for war crimes by the International Criminal Court? Oh I know, the U.N. is the laughing stock of the world. And this proves it. A genocidal warlord is set to help promote human rights. Yeah right! Does the U.N. think that he can offer some kind of perspective on the issue? I guess maybe he could. He could tell them if something is a violation, seeing how he has probably committed millions of them. He could be the deciding vote on any gray area matters. I can see it now.

Is murder a human rights violation, Al-Bashir?  “Well certainly it is.  I would know since there is a arrest warrant out for me.”  What about rape? Al-Bashir: “Oh definitely, I’m wanted for that one too”. This is the biggest f**king joke I have ever seen! They must see him as some sort of consultant. Sudan’s appointment to the council will only confirm the U.N. status as the biggest and longest running joke ever. No one will ever take the U.N. seriously. EVER!!!

The United States should withdraw its membership from this completely useless organization and kick them out of our country. Tell them they have got to go. They are not helping anything and they never have. Please, somebody name ONE, just one good thing the U.N. has ever done????? I can’t think of one either. This is akin to a pedophile running a day care center. Or, a rapist running a women’s shelter. None of these things are good.

Way to go United Nations, you may have outdone yourself on this one.