Texas Judge Warns Against Civil War If Obama is Re-Elected

Apparently in Lubbock County, Texas, there is a problem with attorneys and police officers not getting paid enough.  This is causing other organizations to lure them away for higher paying jobs.  To offset this problem, the government is lobbying the people to accept a 1.7-cent tax increase so they can pay their civil service employees better and keep them around.  But somehow Lubbock County Judge Tom Head, predictably a Republican, turned this into an open discussion about his personal fears that if President Barack Obama prevails in November, the United States could be on the brink of a civil war.  It all hinges around Head’s remarkable assessment of Obama’s second-term plans.  One of which is to hand over the United States to the United Nations completely and with open arms.  The United Nations has already responded to the drama, saying that they have no intentions of invading Texas, regardless of what happens in the November presidential elections.  Check out Mr. Head in a live interview from the local news there in Lubbock.  He’s passionate about this at least; you gotta give him credit for that.