Six-Year-Old Gives Ten Reasons to Not Vote for Obama — Bashing?

According to the media, which Common Sense Conspiracy is proud to not be a part of, this video of a six-year-old giving his reasons why you shouldn’t vote for President Barack Obama in the upcoming election is “bashing” the President.

While this is an obvious case of parents exploiting their child, since he could not possibly have a cognitive understanding of the issues, why is it that any dissenting opinion becomes bashing?  It seems that the media, which already takes its own “bashing” for being overwhelmingly pro-Obama, considers any opinion contrary to the President to be “bashing.”

We could take the list of ten reasons and go in depth into the truth or lack thereof of each one, but for now, we are looking at the simple picture that the boy’s decrees are automatically labelled as bashing.  Coming off of the Chick-fil-A controversy, we wonder if anyone truly has freedom of speech anymore.  Is it possible to have an opinion opposite the President without being accused of bashing him?  That is the question and as always, we leave it up to our readers to decide.  Let us know what you think.