Ryan Lochte Pees in the Pool — You Don’t Say?

Stoked about the win or feeling the sweet liberation of leaking the lizard?

Olympic gold medalist eleven times over Ryan Lochte is following in the footsteps of Michael Phelps in becoming an American cultural icon, but a coincidental conversation with Ryan Seacrest that aired on Access Hollywood has some people questioning his manners.  In the interview with Ryan, the host of American Idol fame asked Lochte some curious questions about going to the bathroom when you are a competitive swimmer.  Lochte admitted that he pees in the pool.  But only in the warm-up pool.  Not in the real competition.  He elaborated on it by saying that getting into a chlorine pool just makes you have to go.

A lot of people think that Lochte was wrong to do this or at least to admit it on national television.  But let’s face the facts…anyone that’s ever swam in a public pool has probably been exposed to this, even if they abstain from the practice themselves.  That’s one of the many reasons they put the chlorine in the water in the first place.  Chlorine is a powerful substance for killing bacteria, and there is absolutely no danger to people urinating in the pool from a public health standpoint.  But an Olympic athlete addressing the issue has a few people up in arms.  What do you think?
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