Russian Scientist Discovers That GMO Causes Animals To Lose Their Ability To Reproduce

Those Russians are at it again. They have made another discovery. This one, though, may be a little scarier because of its possible implications. They have discovered that GMO, when fed as a normal diet to animals, can cause those animals over time to lose their ability to reproduce. The implications?  Could that eventually spread to humans? The Russians used hamsters that were fed with GMO soybean. Now, that is obviously not part of their normal diet. In time, it was discovered that the GMO soybean caused the slowing of sexual maturity and gradually eliminated the ability to reproduce in the hamsters. Now, you might think that the story stops there. Well, it doesn’t.

Sometimes nature doesn't need to be messed with.

A study in Austria was conducted with mice. The mice were fed GMO corn. The results were the same. The litters that the mice had were underweight and overall smaller in size. This horrible result is also being reported in other parts of the world. In the United States, farmers are reporting the same results with pigs and cows. Buffaloes in India are also having the same thing happen to them. GMO has been heavily reported on, and so far nothing good has been said in defense of the GMO.

It has been theorized on this site that the depopulation agenda may be dead. There is simply not enough people dying in the world. We DO NOT advocate this policy by the New World Order. It has also been theorized that the NWO wants a massive reduction in the world population. This is not a retraction from our earlier stance that the agenda may be dead. What if the depopulation agenda has evolved? Let me explain.

If GMO causes animals to lose their ability to reproduce, then it might cause humans the same fate. If we lose our ability to reproduce, then the population has been decreased, maybe forever. With no more humans being born, then the population would stall out. Then they could try to lower the population after that. GMO can be defeated. We must band together to defeat this NWO agenda. Like we said, the agenda may have just evolved. The NWO evolving could be a scary thing. The NWO is pretty consistent with their intentions. With evolving intentions, they could in time be harder to predict. We are not trying to make the case for a harder to deal with NWO. In the end, they may turn out to be the same old NWO.

We will monitor this story as it develops. As always, spread the word, band together and we can defeat this tyranny.