Russian Punk Band Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Mocking President Putin

Well, at least you got some street cred.

We spend a lot of time here on Common Sense Conspiracy talking about how freedom in America is slowly being taken away a little at the time.  However, it is important every once in a while and take a step back and see that there is still plenty of great things to say about the United States of America.  The story of the punk rock band Pussy Riot in Russia is one of those situations that makes you glad to live in a country where at least for now, you can still say what you want to say when you want to say it.  It’s kind of important.  After all, if we were in Russia, all of us here at the CSC would have been locked up a long time ago.

Anyway, punk band Pussy Riot (interestingly enough, an all girl band), early in 2012, held a band event mocking Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The event was in a cathedral in Moscow, and the mocking came during a so-called “punk prayer.”  It took a while for word to get around, but several weeks later, the three girls, ranging in ages from 22 to 30, were arrested and charged with a really cool sounding crime called hooliganism.  The girls pleaded not guilty to the charge and defended themselves by harping on their “freedom of expression.”  That gets quotes around it because apparently it doesn’t exist in Russia.  They were found guilty.  Bad enough, right?  Well, it gets worse.  All three girls were sentenced to two years in prison for the crime.

In America, first of all, you couldn’t be arrested for saying something bad about the president, not unless you really went off the deep end and made some kind of threat.  Even if you were charged with some minor crime like disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct, two of the American police go-to’s when they can’t come up with a real crime, the most time you would spend in jail would probably the trip to be booked in.  Worst case scenario:  maybe a couple of days in jail, community service, or probation.  In Russia, what amounts to the same criminal charge results in a two-year prison stent.  That’s a pretty outrageous overreaction, don’t you think?

The Russian government makes its message very clear.  You do not publicly make fun of the government.  If you do, you will be prosecuted and punished with a heavy hand.

Like we said above, this really makes you appreciate what we have in the United States, but there is another message to be taken away from this.  We must never let our nation get to this point.  This is what all the conspiracy theorists talk about all the time.  The slippery slope.  It starts with small things, then it moves to big things.  Gun control.  The Internet.  But with each freedom that is snatched away while no one is looking or under the guise of protection, security, or peace, there comes the threat of more to come.