Republican National Convention Adjusts Schedule for Isaac — No One Cares

It could have been a great opportunity to actually make a political nomination convention interesting or entertaining.  With Tropical Storm Isaac bearing down on the Florida Keys and fears that Tampa, where the Republican National Convention is slated to begin on Sunday, might fall under the cross-hairs on Monday, the powers-that-be are re-working their busy convention schedule to make sure everyone is safe.  We say they should have had a full-fledged hurricane party, broke out the drinks, and played cards while waiting for the storm to pass.  That might have been worth a glance versus the real convention.

Run Romney run. Isaac is coming for you!

The thing about these conventions (and this is not just a slam on the Republicans; the Democratic convention is just as ridiculous) is they are generally without purpose.  For example, the ultimate point of the convention is to announce who will receive the Republican nomination.  Well, is there anyone in America that isn’t already aware of who that will be?  Other than that, it’s a chance for a bunch of politicians to do what they do, celebrating another election season upon which a president will be chosen and absolutely nothing will change.

Nothing will change?  Well, we’re not saying that some things can’t change.  There are stark differences between what a President Mitt Romney and a re-elected President Barack Obama might look like in the next four years.  But we’re talking about the big picture, not the little things.  When it all comes down, America, and the world for that matter, is being led by a very narrow path with a very clear ending.  The two-party system continues to give us Americans something to debate and argue about, getting our panties in a wad over health care plans or tax cuts or raises; meanwhile, all of these issues are just sideshows to the main event that is and has been forming for decades.  And many of us in the conspiracy circles see warning signs that maybe that plan is nearing completion.

Why not do away with these silly conventions that serve no  purpose?  How much money could we save and what kind of message could that send?  Just once, why can’t we see a sitting President forego campaigning.  After all, if he did such a good job in his first term, everyone already knows who he is and what he’s all about.  So, why would he need to spend millions of dollars campaigning to “defend” himself.  Why does he need a convention to crown him the “nominee”?  Why not send a real statement to the American people and say “You know me,” and then earmark all of that money for a positive purpose instead of more mudslinging and pointless election trail stops.  If anyone actually stood for something, they wouldn’t have to campaign.

So, when it’s all said and done, it’s a huge missed opportunity for the Republicans to do something “cool” for a change.  And now we will all have to hear the jabs from the Democrats about how the Republicans are running scared from Tropical Storm Isaac while George W. Bush and his cronies left thousands stranded in Hurricane Katrina.  And the real fringe-thinkers that will say that Obama used the “hurricane machine” to try to wipe out his competition.  Don’t you love conspiracy theories?