Oak Creek Shooting Just Another Domino in the Gun Control Agenda?

Movie theaters, crowded bars, schools, military bases, and now churches.  It seems that nowhere in America is safe from a mass shooting anymore.  But is that exactly what the government wants you to believe?

A gunman stormed a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin and killed six members of the church while they were in the middle of a Sunday morning prayer and worship service.  Three more were injured, one being the police officer that killed the gunman.

Wade Michael Page apparently has a problem with the Sikhism. Correction...had a problem with Sikhism.

On the bright side, though there’s not much of one, this time the shooter gave police a reason to take him out on the spot.  This is nothing but a service to our country and the community and prevents the gunman, who may be Wade Michael Page, although it is not confirmed at this time, from enjoying extra attention and fame from his senseless actions.  See the Joker Batman shootings in Aurora for more information.  In that drama, James Holmes will continue to dominate headlines for weeks and months to come.  Not so for Page.  His next headline is an obituary, and we at Common Sense Conspiracy take some solace in the fact that he will be meeting his punishment a lot swifter than these other nutjobs.  But that is little solace for the victims and their families, and as always, we extend our condolences to those that lost their lives in another senseless tragedy in our country.

Now, the FBI is struggling with how they want to approach this.  Some are calling an act of domestic terrorism.  Others label it a simple hate crime.  We say what difference does it make?  More disturbing is the fact that if Page is the killer, he had six years of service in the United States Army.  Another black eye for the military.

Whether you buy into conspiracy theories about gun control or not, you have to admit that these sorts of incidents are becoming frighteningly more frequent, and at the same time, more difficult to understand.  For example, Holmes is claiming he has no idea what happened or how he came to be in jail.  Some say that we have a major problem in this country with mental illnesses that are not diagnosed.  The problem with this theory is that mental illness is not a new problem.  It can be traced back through the centuries.  What is making it now show up in such a violent and seemingly random pattern now?  Is there a new mental illness that scientists have not identified that actually predisposes people to go on mass shootings?

We don’t have the answers any more than you do, and we don’t claim such.  But what we do know is that the frequency of these tragedies is causing much debate at all levels of society as to what we should do about it?  And gun control is one option that some offer up.  Others believe that the opposite is the solution.  Many think that more people need to carry guns on their person to guard against these types of situations.  Common Sense Conspiracy has analyzed both sides of that debate in previous articles, but as more of these events pile up, there will be more of an outcry for something to be done.

Don’t worry.  The New World Order has you covered.